What is the best way to leave the JW?

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  • amen

    I would like to know your opinions what is the best way to leave the Borg without any problem and hurt for someone who has no familly in the org. Without actually physically moving to an other town and have a lot of JW's at the office. How do you answer them when they ask you about your congregation.


  • Maverick

    As far as in the work place, it is inappropriate to talk about religion. If asked about some personal point just turn it around, say something general, and ask about their Hall or experiances. Witnesses love that. And they will babble on and forget all about you. Remember they are trained to be very shallow thinkers. Maverick

  • ApagaLaLuz

    With a smoking gun, and your finger in the air


  • ISP

    Good way is to move and don't tell anyone!

    Ok thats no good.......you could feign depression, suicide, M.E, Alzeimhers........singularly or collectively. that should keep them at bay for a while.


  • Valis

    *LOL* CHEVIES...

    just walk away and tell them to kiss your ass! Don't give them the satisfaction of DFing or DAing you... if you have JW family to worry about I know it is much harder emotionally and many times physically to do so, but still the best way IMO...


    District Overbeer of the "Almost out 15 years now.." class

  • ApagaLaLuz

    Yeah I second Valis' response. That's what I did. Sometimes you may feel you need closure, but most of the time it's best to make a quiet exit. No big specticals or drama needed.

    I've found they wont usually go out of their way to officially do anything if 1: they dont have grounds and 2: you make it clear you want no contact from Elders.

    I think borth sides win. You can still "technically" have contact with your family, provided they still want it. And the society doesnt have to include you in their yearly statistics of people gone.

  • ISP

    er..........wait up tried walking and talking backwards?


  • Soledad

    if you have no family in, there's nothing to lose really. just walk away or DA if you feel you have to.


    Just slip out the back Jack/Make a new plan Stan/Just set yourself free..(Paul Simon).....OUTLAW

  • joe_from_kokomo

    Amen has a valid question here, and it is certainly an "easier-said-than-done" thing. Especially, if like Amen, you work with other JWs, or have close ties with many in your congregation, or have JW family members.

    We call it the "Witness Relocation Program" and make jokes about it, as it seems almost impossible to do. They will call, come by your house, call you at work unannounced, come by your house (on Saturday, or when you least expect it), call, stop by your office to start a 'more friendly than usual' conversation, call your house, chase you down at the grocery store, or who-knows-where-else... you get the point.

    I think street gangs are easier to leave than the Society. We have more or less decided that the only way to do this successfully is:

    a)slowly stop attending more and more meetings, til you are almost never there, then stop attending altogether (the 'fade to black' plan), or
    b) move to another town/state/country, or
    c) start acting like you are mentally ill and call all the elders at ungodly hours of the night telling them that you need so ridiculous thing, or that no one understands you, so that they think you are nuts and then are glad that you are gone and when you don't show up anymore, so they won't dare track you down, or
    d) hire a good attorney to send them a letter to leave you the hell alone or you will sue them.

    There are even two books on this topic on Amazon, believe it or not,,,

    Anyone else got any ideas?

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