Watchtower Mystery

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    WOW! That's some mystery. Did you spend a lot of time on that?

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  • StopTheTears
    It's deeply troubling. I can't get my head around what they are subliminally suggesting. I just stay away from it. But now that this has been pointed out my guard is definitely up.
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    The claw hand appears once again. To be honest, the revelation book had so many dire illustrations its hard to number. That particular picture was pretty weird for many reasons, look at the heads, they are so disproportionate to the body!
  • Bonsai
    LOL. You got me seeing cocks, goat heads and smiley faces everywhere! Guess it's time for me to take my meds. Song was great, though!
  • 2+2=5

    What's troubling is how many you have missed.

    In the angel orgy picture, where Jesus is getting the reach around from the hidden demon-goat with the engorged genitals.... look very carefully at around 3:25 in the video...... see!!!

    There are testicles hidden in the forehead of the very sultry looking and decapitated Virgin Mary!


  • sparrowdown

    Ah, yes the WT has a classic case of goatshead/demon face/claw-hand/dick-arm fetish.

    Very common among mind-control cults apparently

  • Vidiot

    Call these guys...

  • Dunedain

    Some of these are a bit far fetched. However, i have seen something weird with my own eyes, and ANYONE here can see it too. In the state of Maryland, in the U.S. there is a beach town, called Ocean City, Maryland. For those not familiar, this is on the east coast of America, and there is a huge beach, boardwalk, and summer shore community.

    My family, and i would go here every summer for vacation. The boardwalk is huge, and is a typical summer attraction. There are tons of rides, games, food, shops, and all manner of tourist attractions.

    One of the bigger attractions on the boardwalk is a "Ripleys, beleive it , or not". For those unfamiliar, "Ripleys" has places all over the country. The "Ripleys" attractions, are usually a museum type, walk thru place, that are full of weird, odd, strange, creepy, and "unbeleivable" items and exhibits. The exhibits can range from weird photos of siamese twins, to a giant boat made of match sticks, to a cast of a deformed skull, or to "art" using burnt pieces of toast to form a picture.

    Anyway, to the point. In the "art" section of this "Ripleys", many years ago, my father and i noticed a familiar looking painting. There was an artist who was from Mexico, and the painting of his, that was on display, was considered worthy for "Ripleys", because from a distance the painting appeared to be 1 giant picture of 1 scene. However, upon closer inspection, you realized that the artist actually painted tiny, little scenes and put them all together, so that from a distance they looked like the 1 giant scene. Instead, it was a collection of many, many little scenes, that all "worked" together, to create the main painting.

    The interesting thing though, is that this artist, for the smaller little portions of the scene, WAS USING SOME SOCIETY ART. My father, and i, noticed within the picture, MANY scenes from the MY BOOK OF BIBLE STORYS, THE PARADISE BOOK, and others. Off the top off my head, i remember the shark that swallowed Jonah, from the Paradise book was there, a Jesus scene with him on THE STAKE, taken right from WTS literature, and many others.

    The artist, must have, a) either beena WTS artist and illustrated for them, OR, b) directly stole the illustrations from the WTS many books. The main point being though, is that the tiny scenes, which combined to form the 1 big scene, was done, obviouslly, in a SUBLIMINAL way. That was the only way to achieve the desired effect, of the "illusion", of it being 1 painting, even though it was many tiny paintings/scenes, instead of one.

    It was very strange to me and my Dad, that a painting worthy of "Ripleys", because of its use of ILLUSIONS, and SUBLIMINALLY HIDING scenes within a scene, was FULL of WTS IMAGES.

    ANY person reading this now, can go and see this for themselves, hence verifying, what i am saying here. Again, it is at the "Ripleys, beleive it or not" museum, in United States, on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland. Go to the "Ripleys" and in the art section, you will see a painting from a Mexican artist, using WTS illustrations, many INSTANTLY RECOGNIZABLE, and in a subliminal way of hiding pictures WITHIN pictures, to create an illusion.

    Its weird, mind blowing, and a bit disturbing.

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