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  • BettyHumpter

    "the artwork showed people wearing mask....Anyway, my thought later was this was a sort of preprogramming...( like they knew in advance what was coming )"

    I dont know if there was such a picture or not. But I find it interesting how conspiracy theorist's often (always in hindsight) find that those orchestrating the conspiracy are always kind enough to publish hidden clues to their agenda.

    "Alright Gentleman, our secret plot is now in place. Only one detail remains. Who is in charge of placing the hidden clues of our diabolical scheme throughout various media? Oh, it's Jim? Excellent!" - followed by maniacal laughter and twirling of mustaches.

  • enoughisenough

    BettyHumpter....I do watch some conspiracy theories...Some are quite interesting...can't be proved or disproved PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISPROVE ANY CONSPIRACY THAT YOU THINK I MAY BELIEVE... However, a lot of what you may consider conspiracies are not conspiracy but are presented by accredited professionals who know what they are talking about and have evidence and data as back up Some people are brave enough to go out on a limb, to speak against the present agendas so as to warn people. Some things are called conspiracy by the mainstream media and even JWs as conspiracy because they want to discredit the presenters....they don't want their lies exposed. Then there are some things that people consider conspiracy that the powers that be have published for the world to see, but they don't look at it and when/if they do, they don't believe it.

  • Nathan Natas
  • truthlover123

    I don't know about yes or no from wearing a mask, but personally, I was always sick with a cold or flu for a month at a time without a mask and out in public, and since wearing one - which I will do - I have not had an issue so because of health issues, I will continue to do so, now that I am aware of transmissions.

    I am not obsessive about it and around family who are still careful, I do not wear one.

  • ThomasMore

    The Japanese have used masks for decades to prevent the spread of cold and flu when out in public. I don't know how effective masks are and don't really spend time researching it. I do see however that the mask issue is a political tool (whether they work or not) and WTC is a FOLLOWER - not a leader.

    So why drop the mask mandate after making it a matter of INTEGRITY only several months ago. Maybe preparation for the Annual Meeting? Maybe following the nations to stay in good graces... Does it really matter? Not to me. It is a distraction from the real issues of:

    1. Selling KHs

    2. CSA lawsuits

    3. Laughable doctrinal flip flops

    4. Low attendance

    5. Low morale

    6. Low bank account balances and contributions

    Get ready for more distractions as the lawsuits pile in over the next few months.

  • LV101
    Gorb -- Not heard of that here, however, some non-Ws inoculated with everything offered (including boosters and flu shots) now have "covid." Seems everyone is calling their drs. and being prescribed Paxlovid. We shall see how this goes.
  • waton

    me wearing a mask prevents spreading the droplets that leave my pre digesting mouth at high speeds during my sneezes, that always wake the dozing in the hall. I often sleep but dont let anybody else.

    masks also allow to grow beards inconspicuously, allow us to feel more like perfect men. (none of them shaved). also,

    Conditions are supposed to get worse as we near the wt great tribulation, then, isolation mandates, slavishly followed, will shut down the called for final wt witness cold.

    If the creator really put his bets on wt inc. and their ink and ilk in 1919, we are all doomed with them. even if

    we hear, that a different, overlapping batch of 'millions, - now living, will never die'. Its an overlapping lie.

  • LV101

    enoughisenough -- well said! BTW, like your screen name . . . there use to be a shoe designer w/logo (artistic flair for casual) on soles of shoes that said "Enough is Never Enough".

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