Just saw this on Facebbok, by Barbara Anderson, Disfellowshiping cancelled by "worldly" Court !

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  • Corney

    Frankly, I cannot find this on Mrs. Anderson's page. Is it a "friends only" post?

    Also, it's difficult to understand what exactly happened from that post. After googling, it appears that both Mr. Pucci and Mr. Fallacara eventually lost their cases. But at one point, on 1 June 2004, a judge granted a preliminary injunction to Mr. Pucci and suspended his expulsion from Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses (Italy) on procedural grounds. That decision was reversed six months later. As noted above, both cases were decided in favor of the JW organization.



    And then Mr. Fallacara allegedly lodged a complaint before the ECHR. The only source I found doesn't look credible, but even assuming he really did it, I bet the European Court will dismiss his application either on procedural grounds or as "manifestly ill-founded".

  • Vidiot

    Why the fuck would this guy even bother? What did he really hope to accomplish?

    On a personal level, individual JW loyalists are gonna shun him even harder for using the courts like this.

    As far as I'm concerned at this point, if the Org doesn't want you, you're better off.

  • Corney

    Mr. Fallacara asked for one million euros in compensation. American exorbitant awards are uncommon in Europe, so, even if he won the case, IMO he wouldn't receive more than €50,000, plus legal costs and expenses.

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