Half Your Children Are Dead And Your Still Happy?

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  •  The Bethelite
    The Bethelite

    Half your children are dead and your still happy? Really?

    I have/had a JW friend who has five daughters.

    She was a born in as her daughters were also.

    Two of the daughters are out and have waken up. One of them is half in and half out. The other two are totally in.

    Not unusually 50% seems about the going rate for kids now a days who want to to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

    Armageddon comes and half of your children are of course killed off by your loving god.

    So tell, me the part again about how happy you are living in this paradise picking up the bones of if not yours but other people's dead children?

    But god will erase the memories of my dead children and other loved ones from my mind....really?

    Come on guys does these make any sense at all?

    Please, I beg you take the cup of this Kool-Aid (that will make you forget about your love ones) from your lips and put in back on the alter of your cruel and insane god.

    This is a type of story (and god) that only men/Jim Jones could create!

  • Theonlyoneleft

    Wow. This reminds me of something... I once told my sister that I was glad that one of my nephews had decided to stop studying because at least she could still have a relationship with him and help him out. He was having a hard time.

    He still had family around if he was not baptised....she was not happy.

    My nephew was asked to leave the family home as he wanted to go out to night clubs and come home late hours. Huh?!?!? Probably not to influence the other four siblings...two baptised, one young child and one student.

    So my nephew went to live with his gf....and has since been hopping around with no certain place to live, getting jobs... losing jobs.

    How weird... I have children too... mine have done their naughty deeds too.... and trust me.... one has driven me up the walls......BUT never ever I would think of kicking them out for any reason... as my family are all JW’s who would help them?? Live a life without a stable home?! No way!

    If I always stay close... I can help, encourage and share with them whatever they need. I think that once anyone has brought children into the world it’s our responsibility until the day we die. This is what I feel and can’t understand otherwise.

  • Tameria2001

    I was thinking about what has been said about the children who leave the Watchtower and thus get kicked out of their family home by their JW family. Not so much the dead at Armageddon, because I no longer believe those fear tactics. But yet on the other hand what is going to happen when those JW parents have become elderly and they need assistance from their children whom they turned their backs on. Or the JW children who stayed in, and also turned their backs on their own siblings, when they come begging for money to help with eldercare or funeral expenses.

  • blondie

    So many older jws I have known, whose children and grandchildren have never been baptized, think that they will be protected by the parent's or grandparent's status as jws; they refuse to realize that the WTS teaches that only baptized jws will survive Armageddon.

    It is not enough if their child/grandchild lives a good life, attends a few meetings,etc., not baptized, they are toast. Of course, if they are df'd or da'd or inactive when the big A (or GT) starts they are toast.

    These same people say that other jws children/grandchildren in the same situation will die. Or even non-jws and their children will die.

    Many jws live in a lala land of their own making.

  • stillin

    I can't see just kicking your kids out simply because they don't want to live the JW lifestyle. But this shouldn't be confused with enabling your kids to live unhealthy lifestyles. Or to take having your home for granted, just being lazy. Life is tougher these days, it's true, but they should carry their own load in life if they are to ever grow up into responsible adults.

    I still hold marriage in high regard, for example. No, I will not provide a bed for one night stands or things that don't meet my own standards of decency. But I would help them in their apartment search, job search, career search or education, with some time limit attached. Communicating with them as adults about this might help them to get a glimpse of maturity.

    None of my kids stayed in the religion. We all have good relationships. They are all on their own and each doing well in their choices. You have to consider your own tolerance level and they should respect that.

  • blondie

    I do that elders and MS with adult unbaptized children living at home, may not be considered as qualified to remain elders or MS. With that motivating elders and MS, they may choose to kick out their children. Others may not and accept being deleted.

    These ideas of course are not applied fairly. Elders and MS are supposed to be examples to the flock, is the line that is used, depends on the local BOE's interpretation of that.

  • JinVA

    My elder father always made it clear, if we were to ever stop serving the organization that he would kick us out of the home as soon as we turned 18. Then he said that if we chose to stop meetings and service during that time that he would ground us and essentially confine us to our rooms. I got dunked at 18 so I wouldn't loose social status in the hall and without an advanced education or worldly friends, what else would I have done? Haven't been active for 30 years and my father says that I am still held by that decision.

  • Xanthippe
    So tell me the part again about how happy you are living in this paradise picking up the bones if not yours other people's dead children?

    Honestly some parents are so controlling they would rather see their kids dead than choose a life different to their own. Whether it's a different belief system, political ideology, sexual orientation, moral code or whatever. It's do exactly as I say or you're dead to me.

    Of course people like that are attracted to controlling cults but they would make their kid's lives hell whatever their choices if they weren't identical to their own.

  • smiddy3

    Job had seven sons and three daughters that were killed because of Jehovah`s bet with Satan .

    Did job lament the death of his children ? Was happy ,blame God ?

    At the end of the bet between Jehovah and Satan ,Job is given seven more sons and three daughters to replace those he lost ,?

    Is that supposed to make up ? replace the loss of the first 10 children ?

    Where is the humanity , grieving , loss of children ? in this account ?

    One Elder once said to me how Job was blessed ,in this system of things he had 10 children at any one time , but in the new system of things he will have 20 children via the resurrection. ....????

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