WT Comments You Will Not Hear at the 3-30-03 WT Study

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  • artful

    Blondie: that's a great quote, especially in light of the ever-increasing 'Remnant'. I'm going to look that article up about the evidence of the last days.
    jgnat: Great comments about the foot washing cerimonies...ROTFLMAO!!! Incidentally, you may want to point out to your honey that the JW's actually don't observe this sacrament as Jesus commanded, for he said:
    John 6
    53Jesus said to them, "I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you.

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't recall too much eating and drinking taking place at ANY Memorial observance I attended in the past! (although I'm sure you have pointed this out many times!)

  • blondie

    Thanks, JeffT.

    we hold it until everybody has been served, then partake together.

    It is not enjoyable when you are invited to a party but only get to watch and spend 45 minutes listening to why you are substandard.


    According the Central Command these J-duds do not directly benefit from the Memorial. Only the FDS can save them!

    More and more, the FDS makes themselves the channel to Jesus and to God. Last I checked, we pray in Jesus' name.

    jgnat, the Pope participates in a ritual foot washing. That is probably why the WTS stays far away. I remember when the congregation servant started being called the congregation "overseer" in the early 70's. That is when the elders started acting as if the "see over" the publishers rather than act as their "servants." One brother used to say that the elders were "slaves of slaves" till someone counseled him. Now the elders are called "glorious ones" and "princes."

    artful, jgnat had a good post on all six of those. (I searched and can't find it)

  • jgnat

    Artful and Blondie, I found my commentary on the latest take on WT prophesy interpretation here:


    Six Convincing Lines of Evidence WT January 15, 2000 p. 12, 13 para 13-18

    OK, Blondie, I can understand why the WTS wants to stay far away from the Catholic Church and it's traditions. But Jesus set the pattern for foot washing. (John 13:4-17) Pfft on the WTS resembling the early church. I will believe that when they throw away their suits and start wearing robes and sandals. When Jesus comes back, do they really think He will be clean shaven and in a suit and tie?

    Oh, right. External appearances are not important. It is the heart condition that matters. Then I will believe the WTS is like the early church when they start taking care of the old and the lame and the sick and the weak and the downhearted ones and the sinners . (Matthew 25:44-45) As Jesus did (Matthew 15:30, 21:14).

  • blondie

    jgnat, you are right that appearances don't prove what lies inside the heart of a man or woman.

    I can remember a pioneer sister who wanted to impress a single DO that she was wife material for him. She followed him around the circuits, volunteering to do cleaning, cleaning toilets, making sure someone pointed her out to him. She eventually snagged him, but I'm sure that was the last cleaning assignment she volunteered for.

    I'm sure everyone would want to wash the feet of Jesus. But would they want to wash to feet of their equals or those they consider less than them? How could the elders be like Jesus when they consider themselves to be "glorious ones" beyond counsel and "princes" above the publishers? And the WTS says there is no clergy class!




    "Take good care not to practice YOUR righteousness in front of men in order to be observed by them; otherwise YOU will have no reward with YOUR Father who is in the heavens
  • gumby

    I've posted this before on the "memorial "threads, but in all fairness....it's good to look at BOTH SIDES

    In all other major respects the theology of the two cults were all but identical.

    Mithras had had twelve followers with whom he had shared a last sacramental meal. He had sacrificed himself to redeem mankind. Descending into the underworld, he had conquered death and had risen to life again on the third day. The holy day for this sun god was, of course, Sunday; Christians continued to follow the Jewish Sabbath until the fourth century. His many titles included ‘the Truth,’ ‘the Light,’ and ‘the Good Shepherd.’ For those who worshipped him, invoking the name of Mithras healed the sick and worked miracles. Mithras could dispense mercy and grant immortality; to his devotees he offered hope. By drinking his blood and eating his flesh (by proxy, from a slain bull) they too could conquer death. On a Day of Judgement those already dead would be raised back to life.

    All this may surprise modern Christians but it was very familiar to the Church Fathers [See e.g. Justin, Origen, Tertullian], who filled their ‘Apologies’ with dubious rationales as to how Mithraism had anticipated the whole nine yards of Christianity centuries before the supposed arrival of Jesus – ‘diabolic mimicry by a prescient Satan’ being the standard explanation. Pagan critics were not slow to point to the truth: Christianity had simply copied the popular motifs of a competitive faith.

  • blondie

    That's interesting, gumby. Do you have a website that sets the timeline of the origin of this religion? Preferably a historical one associated with an anthropological (or archeological) connection with a university? Thanks.


  • gumby


    Here you go blondie. You can search the site and find many refrences.


    (Don't let the title scare ya)

  • happy man
    happy man

    one thing,i think you are well aware that we think that jesus coming and do his wictory complete in Hmg.

    I amsure that you as former JW now this,but you still tell unother story only to find something to complain on, not one of your best blondie,next week I think you have your bigg chanse,even I find It remarkebel that peopel now have been learnd that the spirit tell them if they are one of 144000,now must listen to how Gb tell them that they are not, something how dont fitt in here,so i am waiting on your massaker on this studie.

    widh love from HM

  • happy man
    happy man


    Hello my friend how is life in US, hard times show upp widh war and even dangerus desises like in wietnam, read that somemore peopel died today,hope evrything is good widh you.

    greatings from HM

  • gumby

    HM .....( check your message box)


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