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  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn

    Didn't know exactly which subject area to put this under, but I was curious about what you guys do around this time for holidays, particularly Halloween. My view on Halloween in particular has always been as this pagan, demonic celebration. Even now that I discovered TTATT I still feel the same way I do about Halloween, I don't ever think it's something I'd celebrate. If any of you have raised children outside of the Org, what do you tell them if they desire to celebrate holidays or even birthdays?


  • dubstepped

    We did nothing our first year out. Then we shed more of our indoctrination and realized that most people are just having fun getting dressed up and eating candy. We went to a Harry Potter party last year and another family party as well. My wife made a costume to look like the person from the cartoon blog "Hyperbole and a Half". I just got some cool neon outlined clothes that lit up with batteries and a shirt that had a mic in it and would light up when people talked. We had fun and are looking forward to it again here soon. My wife is making a new costume this year. Next year we plan on making our screened porch into a Candyland theme and we'll host trick or treaters for the first time. Pretty evil stuff there, eh?

    Don't say what you will or won't do. Someday you'll get out of your parents' house and you'll get your own life and if you are brave enough to take steps to own your own life and examine it, you never know where you'll end up. I said the same things as you.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    When I was a kid, our track had every house decorated and there was a steady parade of kids getting candy. Not us of course.

    Now days younger kids go to their school and get candy from different classrooms. I don't really care for all the gruesomeness that seems popular with the teens.

    But I don't have any desire to do the holidays because we never did it. It has no meaning for me. The closet "holiday" for me is thanksgiving. Mainly because turkey was cheap and my grandma loved eating it. She wasn't a witness and she never made a big fuss about it being a "holiday" So I'd cook it at her house and we'd get stuffed.

  • zeb

    It doesn't happen here in Oz generally bit it is starting to.. TV influence I guess.

  • GoneAwol

    We make pizzas in our garden oven, they choose a topping and we put them in takeaway boxes. Better than sweets. We get about 40 or so kids and parents which has grown steadily over 4/5 years.

    Its all about being generous. Makes us feel good!

  • carla

    For non jw's Halloween is but once a year. jw's have their own Halloween everyday.

    Non jw's dress up, have fun, candy, pumpkins, roast seeds and yes some like it to be scary all in good fun. I don't know why humans like to scare themselves but many do. Scary movies and books on occasion then forget about it for the most part.

    jw's "Halloween" is each and every day. A jw loves nothing more than a good scare only theirs is often real. A jw revels in shootings, hurricanes, wars and any time there is mass destruction and loss of life. They seem to get a sick kick out of mayhem and look forward to their version of 'end times' are upon us. They love to think the devil and demons are out to get them personally on a daily basis or that you and I are 'filled' with demons.

    Which is scarier, a person who dresses up one day of the year and attends a party with others dressed up as something scary or as a product, book character, etc... Or, someone who lives it everyday?

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    I can understand your aversion to the holiday. What former Witness wants to go out knocking on strangers' doors after a lifetime of doing that?

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn

    @Wake Me Up

    Very true 😂

  • LoveUniHateExams

    What do I do around Halloween time (end of October)?

    Well, I've decided that every year on 31 October I'll watch John Carpenter's Halloween.

    The first time I saw it was last June. I'm happy to say, it's a masterpiece of film-making.

    If you're a horror fan, no doubt you've already seen it.

    But if you're not, I'd still recommend giving it a go.

    The cinematography is fantastic, shot in wide frame. It was made for only $325,000 - peanuts - but apparently John Carpenter invested half the film's budget in camera equipment.

    The camera often 'glides' (e.g. in the opening sequence) because Carpenter used 'Panaglide' (Panasonic's version of the SteadyCam).

    This is one classy film. There's almost no blood and gore. Carpenter makes good used of the foreground and background in his shots. Donald Pleasance's acting as Dr Loomis is superb. Minimalist music by Carpenter aids the tension.

    (Sorry to go off on one, there's nothing wrong with letting children go trick-or-treating on Halloween, as far as I can see!)

  • waton

    since Ha low ween is fiction, like Santa, the bible, why perpetuate the fantasies into our young ones? how about reality based fun?

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