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  • careful

    I guess I get to be the first to thank you, Atlantis!

    On the title and copyright pages of the Shepherd the Flock booklet, there is no statement that the work is for elders only, is confidential, etc. In fact, it even states "To make a donation, please visit donate.jw.org." as if elders would not already know this!? So are they throwing in the towel and accepting that these supposedly confidential, in-house works are being made available to the public, and think "why not at least make a pitch for some money"? Ha! Probably just an oversight.

  • moreconfusedthanever
  • FedUpJW

    I noticed the comment to eldurrs that the Congregation "Bible" Study has been adjusted to 30 minutes or less. After the assigned material has been thoroughly covered, there is no need to prolong the study.

    HALLELUJAH!!! It was downright painful to listen to those wannabe "teachers" trying to drag out the already boring study.

    "Now brothers, who can tell me what the third word in the second sentence of the third paragraph is?"

  • blondie

    Thanks, Atlantis. My husband reminded me when he was still an elder, I read on JWN about the non-letter that would be read to the BOE at the next CO visit; about taking a blood transfusion would no longer be a df'ing offense but an act of disassociating themselves from the WTS.

    Was he shocked when that is what exactly happened, he came and asked me if I was getting messages from God, tongue in cheek, of course.

  • jazzmaniac91
    Thank you for posting this!!!! I have learned more about the inner workings from your leaks than 18 years of my life at the Hall. I'm newly woke and had not read the elder'a book before. Thanks for giving all of us who are stuck in but mentally out an advantage
  • smiddy3

    Welcome to the forum jazzmaniac91,we look forward to more of your comments when you are ready.

    This is a great place to be ,you learn so much more about the JW religion than you will ever get from a KH.

  • BluesBrother

    Info for Expectant Mothers is illuminating. They are aware of the risks their blood policy brings....

    "8. Postpartum Hemorrhage: Discuss with your doctor postpartum hemorrhage (PPH).

    PPH is excessive and potentially life-threatening bleeding that may occur during or after

    delivery. Ask your doctor how he will prevent or control PPH. Although PPH is not com-

    mon, it is serious, and advance preparation by your obstetric team is vital. There are a

    number of basic management options, such as using medical or surgical techniques to re-

    duce bleeding, recycling your own blood (cell salvage), and administering clotting factors

    (which could include blood fractions). Ask your obstetrician to monitor you closely for

    bleeding after delivery.

    9. Emergency Hysterectomy: Inform your obstetrician in advance whether or not you

    would consent to an emergency hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus) if all other

    measures have failed to stop major bleeding after childbirth. In such cases, early emer-

    gency hysterectomy can be lifesaving"


    NB Formatting is hard on a tablet ....

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005
    Blondie: " . . . taking a blood transfusion would no longer be a df'ing offense but an act of disassociating themselves from the WTS."

    While attending a two-week elder's school some 43 years ago, the instructor told us that joining the military was not a DF offense, but "and act of disassociating themselves".

    I asked him what the difference was. He winked and smiled and said that there would be no difference as to the practice of required shunning. It was simply a legal statement to avoid U.S. from shutting down Watchtower on an act of sedition (Speech or conduct that incites people to rebel against a lawful authority). That to the rank and file JW, DF and DA will be considered identical.

    I asked him, wouldn't this be like putting out tails between our legs and compromising our integrity?

    He told us that announcing a DF, the onus of responsibility lays the act on Watchtower. With DA, the onus is placed on the offender.

    Therefore, in those years, Joining the military or accepting blood, the term disassociation would be used.

  • stillMS

    Thanks, Atlantis!

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