Matt 5: 29, 30 used to justify shunning

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    It is plainly horrendous how religion operates. Every person, every individual, makes mistakes. That is how we learn.

    At the same time, religion invents the god named Sin, the god named Death, and plays upon the regrets and self-condemnations that each of us carries, sometimes for many years.

    The business model of any religion is to say: "You are a condemned sinner and the ONLY way to resolve that is to belong to our group". Religion invents the problem and it creates its make-believe solution.

    Imagine the sense of power experienced by the few who can manipulate the minds of billions through supernatural superstition.

    To understand what the writers of Matthew 5 were saying, unearth the times they were living in and the situation they were addressing. Rather than thinking Jesus actually said these words, read them as the edicts of writers living 50 years after Jesus lived and the influence they were exerting on their followers.

    Further, understand their idiomatic expressions, rather than seeing them as being literal. The Gospels, which are all anonymous, are not literal documentaries. They are religious constructs that were prepared to influence that particular community at that time, using their idioms and often using hyperbole.


  • zeb

    1974 wt "Shunning"

    "Each family must decide. such a one (parent or grandparent) has a natural right to visit their blood relatives and his offspring"

    15/91981 then came a flip=flop.

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