Gee-hovah does this and Geehovah does that for me!

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  • dozy

    I remember a self righteous JW family in our congregation were like that - everything was "how wonderful Jehovah is helping me" - even in trivial things. The types to boast about it in assembly experiences etc - how Jehovah they miraculously found them a flat or job etc or directed them to knock on someone's door who became a study. Even some of the somewhat similar JWs in the congregation got a little annoyed.

    Then the father had a horrific quad bike accident which left him completely paralyzed. I often wondered how they could reconcile Jehovah seemingly micromanaging them and helping them in really minor things yet he passed on that one.

  • Biahi

    Dozy, he must have been involved in a ‘secret sin.” Lol

  • WingCommander

    Not just JW's, but other religious zealots like to espouse this as well.

    So let me get this straight? God can help some overweight middle-aged Karen find her car keys, but does nothing to protect innocent children from being raped by the Elduhz, or step in to stop the Holocaust or other genocide?


    That's the epitome of human arrogance right there.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Scoff if you will. The lord blessed me because I sent a hundred dollar bill to a TV preacher. So there!

  • Overrated

    It's funny I would hear those stories and just shake my head and under my breath "Bullshit !" Like many on this post. Just ridiculous! What did my parents get into? And Why do they buy this crap?

  • pontoon

    Oh jehovah, help me not to be bored out of my mind and fall asleep and fall out of my chair into the asile in the kingdom hall during the watchtower.

  • zachias

    It has been my sad experience that whenever someone says in the hall that "Jehovahs is my best friend" etc they are only days away from being dfd. Young people in particular. I feel that the statement is a cry for help.

  • smiddy3

    I vaguely rember something about an Elders wife who was a friend of ours saying something about how Jehovah has blessed them in selling their house ,and my wife just responded to her "well its good for some isnt it "

    and that stopped her in her tracks.

  • DesirousOfChange

    JWs that claim Joe Hoover blessed them with a new job or new car or etc etc (as well as the ball player who thanks God for the home run or touchdown) are grossly presumptuous as that would mean God did not answer the prayer of the woman whose child died of cancer or who was raped &/or murdered.

    Evidently he was too busy watching the ballgame or finding a deal on a new job or car. I’m so thrilled God blessed you with that new job. Perhaps you could start a Go Fund Me page for the costs of the child’s funeral.

  • hoser

    I love to pick apart the idea that “if our house sells Jehovah wants us to move”. If you want your house to sell lower the price or do some expensive upgrades and include them in the price. If you don’t want to sell your shack, place an astronomically high price tag on it.

    What I find interesting about it all is how many jws do business with other jws. If someone well connected has a house/car for sale you’d be surprised to see how many jws jump in to buy, sometimes at a high price.

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