Memorial of the Death of Jesus 2016

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  • Phizzy

    The Gospels contradict each other as to the day and time of Jesus death, and hence the day and time of the last Supper.

    But whichever way you look at the question, it seems the JW's get it wrong anyway.

  • Alex Anonymous
    Alex Anonymous
    Why don't you guys ask an experienced Jehovah's Witness brother to find out instead of just making theories of Jehovah's Witnesses being wrong? Just saying, you wouldn't want me talking about your mistakes making those you represent (family) liars. Same thing for Jehovah's Witnesses when you say that we do everything wrong when we represent Jehovah as an amazing and empathetic creator. If you have all these questions about us make sure you ask the source itself so any question actually gets cleared up and you know the true reason why we believe or do what we do. If you have any question or even further questions, stop by your nearest Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses and check back in on the time they have scheduled meetings. Also, if you truly are so busy that you can't, you can check our website at and search your question or other key words that you think would lead to the answering of your question.
  • cofty
    Why don't you guys ask an experienced Jehovah's Witness brother to find out instead of just making theories of Jehovah's Witnesses being wrong? - Al Anon

    Hi Alex welcome to the forum

    Most of us have many years of personal experience as JWs. I was born to JW parents and went on to serve as a pioneer and elder.

    If you would like to know why any of us decided to leave please feel free to ask. You have one side of the story - many of us have both.

  • jookbeard
    Alex Anonymous ; the problem is asking "an experienced Jehovahs witness " as you put it or going down to a local kingdom hall and making enquires is likely to be to me met with blatant denials or lies , this very forum published the Australian Royal Commission hearing into your child abuse cover up scandal that go back decades, ask the average R&F jw and they will have no clue whatsoever about it, likewise with your United Nations membership and cover up which you denied and lied about also, it was only when a respected British newspaper covered the story did you start to hear about it , no mentions whatsoever on jwdotorg, thats why blogs/forums and social media platforms are much more effective in finding out about the many skeletons you have in your closets, you really are that dishonest, stick around on here you may learn a lot about them. Countless failed prophecies, flip flops in doctrine, abuse by your own Governing Body members, investment in stock producing military hardware, double standards and hypocrisy in your treatment of your own brothers in Malawi etc will not be found on your website, nada,zero,zilch!
  • DNCall

    The formula JWs adhere to for determining Nisan 14 is that the new moon closest to the spring equinox as seen from Jerusalem is determined to be Nisan 1. 14 days later is Nisan 14. They are consistent in holding to his formula regardless of the Jewish calendar, or when Good Friday, or Easter are observed.

    I can only guess that they put themselves in the position of someone who attended the Last Supper in 33 CE and do the math from there. I think they are less concerned about accuracy than they are stubborn about consistency with their own tradition.

  • jookbeard

    an amazing and empathetic creator?

  • Listener

    A lot of JWs don't know their own teachings Alex. I've asked a number of JWs why they don't believe Jesus is their mediator as stated in 1 Timothy 2:5 and they say they do.

    They will not participate in debates. They shy away from answering questions when we call them at the Branches even though they are Elders. They'll even spend 15 minutes or more explaining that they don't want to answer the question over the phone. They are not likely to reply to letters either.

    If they were seriously wanting to answer questions they would make provision for that on JW org, through emails rather than sending out someone to start a bible study.

    Generally speaking, if we are not considered right hearted ones then we aren't deserving answers.

    Then there are the questions they just won't answer or lie about. Maybe you could explain why they associated with the United Nations for a decade?

  • Simon
    Why don't you guys ask an experienced Jehovah's Witness brother to find out instead of just making theories of Jehovah's Witnesses being wrong?

    Because many of us were "experienced Jehovah's Witness brothers" so we already know the "answers".

    But now we know the truth.

  • lettersfromthevoid

    there are no Jehovah's Witnesses left that will answer this kind of question. 99% of jws have no clue about this and the rest will refuse to answer until they qualify you as meek enough to deserve the answer. But at the point where you qualify, at your baptism, the answer to the question will be, "The governing body has through holy spirit determined that it be this way, so, what, are you having doubts that this is gods organization? Who else are you going to turn to?"

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