"Bush fiddles with economy while Baghdad burns"

by Simon 22 Replies latest social current

  • Scarlet

    Th current recession started almost a full year before Bush took office.

  • ashitaka
    The Dixie chicks alienated their audience

    The Dixie chicks said what was on their mind, and a bunch of worthless no accounts made it their cause to hurt them financially, because they hurt there poor widdle bomb weilding pwesident....awwwwwww, poor widdle Bushie.

  • Sentinel

    I'm mostly an observer as well. I pay lots of taxes all year long, on everything it seems these days. And still, at tax time, end up paying yet more taxes. I'm living better than I have in my entire life. I'm not even at the top of the scale by a long shot.

    So noted. However, I'm just hesitant to relax and am waiting for the ax to fall, as we just can't keep going this way. Those societies in past history give us examples of governments that have made it to the top, only to finally fall in upon themselves. I'm not a doomsdayer or anything like that. But it seems that we are quite busy, living the good life, and busy fixing everyone else's problems, when we have an abundance of homeless and starving people right here at home, and terrorism in our own communities. And, it doesn't matter who is President. Things will happen, have happened and are going to happen that won't please everyone, and that's because there are just a few people in control, and so little accountability.

    We have been promised tax cuts but are now at war, with promises to bring yet another country up to our standards with financial aid. Costs for housing has increased tremendously over a matter of months, as well as food, health care, gasoline, etc. As someone nearing those retirement years, I have to wonder what life is really going to be like in the next ten to twenty years, when taxing us more will be the only answer. I have to wonder where all these billions of dollars for "uintervention" are coming from and how it's going to affect us now and in the future.

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