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  • Halcon

    Im assuming they're basing this on Revelation 5:10?

  • Vidiot

    May as well be basing it on a fortune cookie, for all the good it’ll do ‘em.

  • WingCommander

    @ Carla:

    Sure they can be Kings, just of lesser stature. Like OverLords. But more likely, the Governing Body see themselves as a "composite class of Kings", ruling over the Earth as the Bridegroom with Jesus.

    It's all so weird and creepy, and they are all soooo full of shit!

  • Vidiot

    A while back, I’d read that some of the weirder JW urban legends were actually made up on purpose by a handful of Bethelites and sent out into the wild just to see how far they’d go…

    …which honestly makes me wonder sometimes if there are PIMOs in the Writing Dept. who deliberately slip increasingly extreme rhetoric into the JWTV scripts as a subtle form of sabotage.

    ‘Cause let’s be honest…

    …the more ridonkulous and over-the-top they sound, the more PIMQs are gonna Q.

  • truthlover123

    For years the GB has extolling the fact they are to be kings and priests in heaven. Albeit kings over the earth, working with Jesus. Unless new ones in the religion has never heard of this , yes, it has always been referred as that. They will be "taken" to be with Jesus to war with Him, leaving the great crowd in the hands of their "workers" who you now see giving the GB talks (although not Gb anointed) and updates... isn't that wonderful? Your in the hands of those who have no education, only know how to psycho-analyze minds so as to pressure ones into listening, obeying and being blessed - by them for sending money. Doing it with a big smile, but if you visit Bethel, don't disturb them by a greeting, they are busy men.(and that's the truth as it was put in writing to the congregations)

    And I am sorry to be capitalizing the so called governing body with large caps GB. This was never mentioned in scripture- no gb, only those who followed Jesus as workers with him. The gb has made themselves to be something important, yet they claim to be imperfect and make mistakes and still hold ones to the captive phrase Jehovahs anointed ones (holy spirit does not make mistakes). The gb does, witness the lawsuits on child abuse, the grabbing of government monies from various lands i.e. Norway, Lithuania-saying they are a non profit and do good works in communities- no they do not! The door to door is the only community effort they do.

    Oh and Jesus is not your mediator- GB says only the 144,000 king/priests will be mediated before Jehovah. Not the lowly publishers. Yet the bible says Jesus died for the world of mankind that would believe in him. Who is right I wonder?

  • DesirousOfChange


    Just because they sit on a throne?

    Vector Prince King Sitting On Toilet ...

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    That's a pretty bold and self-serving statement, even for the self-appointed GODs (Guardians of Doctrine) of New York. The sheer audacity is offensive. I hope this boomerangs on them and stirs up a wave of "What the hell?!?" among their subjects. Sheesh!

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    The 'future kings' statement was a bit of a shock to me. I have to believe that even the diehard JWs would find it offensive as well.

    Really he should have said 'future kings and priests'; that would have really raised the eyebrows.

  • NotFormer

    It strikes me as a bit of false modesty on their part. They are the current kings to obedient JWs. "Once and Future Kings"* should be their title, albeit self-bestowed.

    * Apologies to T. H. White

  • NotFormer

    Carla: "Don't they consider Jesus their King? now the gb are on equal footing? is that about right?"

    Even though Jesus supposedly returned/came/parousia-ed in 1914, they are still ruling in absentia. It makes absolutely no sense to me either. I suppose if you hear something often enough you stop questioning it. That you might be whipped by the taskmasters for doing so just adds to the incentive, I guess.

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