Dawn #Witness for Jesus reaches cancer target

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  • Diogenesister

    Dawn, the author of brilliant channel and website " Witness For Jesus"that aims to help Jehovahs witnesses exit the cult, has been suffering with cancer for quite some time now. Despite this, and the fact she has a ten year old daughter, she has continued to quietly help Jehovahs witnesses with Bible based topics. (By the way I recommend a brochure, that does not mention Watchtower or JWs, but considers topics in a more general way as we know jw's will shut down if you are critical of the organization. You can download this from her website)

    Anyway she has posted this video thanking everyone and I dearly hope any treatment she purchases will extend her life, so that she gets to spend more precious time with her daughter. Im sure we all, Christians, agnostics/athiests and Jehovahs witness, wish her the very best and are grateful for all her help.❤❤


  • Tenacious

    I wish her the very best and hope she gets well.

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