Apostasy endorsed in this yesterday's Watchtower Study

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  • FedUpJW

    I agree that they are covering their asses, possibly going to come out with a big change soon,

    I still firmly believe that they are going to refine a.k.a. completely abandon the idea of 144,000 as the ONLY ones going to heaven. They must do something to make the increasing numbers of partakers make sense. Three classes of people. Those who are alleged to be the 'little flock', those who are the 'great crowd' in heaven, and those who supposedly will pet pandas on earth forever.

  • FedUpJW

    In many respects, if we let others make our decisions, we are essentially deciding to “follow them.”

    So says the governing body, as they continue to dictate what one should wear, how one should groom themselves, what entertainment they can engage in, what education they should have, how much money they should save, what kind of vehicle they should buy, who they should marry, when they should marry, what two married people can do in the privacy of their own home, that one must pioneer, etc.

    Can anyone really not see the hypocrisy of what these chuckle-heads write?

  • Stealth

    IMO when they use the term 'WE' they are referring to JW leadership i.e. Governing Body, not the rank-in-file worms.

    This is just CIA for some change they will make, not a license for publishers to reconsider any change of direction on their part.

  • doubtfull1799

    Either 1. The GB are making it up as they go along, or 2. Jehovah is revealing new adjustments to them all the time? If it’s the former, they can’t be trusted, if it's the latter, God can’t be trusted!

  • Ding

    The GB condemns what it itself is doing and neither they nor rank and file JWs notice.

  • Finkelstein

    A revision of the old staid bullshit to a new palpable bullshit is coming.

    The game now for the GB members is to keep an element of believably for the entire body of JWS members to swallow. ....... Jah will help and guide them in this feat

    Ironic as it is the JWS leaders create surmountable lies, ignorance and corruption to create what it proclaims as

    " The Truth "

  • shepherdless

    If there is a change coming, my guess is that it is more likely to be a change in the 2 witness rule, or how child abuse is handled, or something like that. Hanging on to 1914 might hurt the borg, but mismanagement of child abuse allegations really hurts where they feel it the most - financially.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I don't think apostasy could ever be endorsed by the GB. It sounds to me as if they are building up a portfolio of Watchtower statements as evidence to deny the accusation that they control the minds and lives of the rank and file JWs.

    When accused of being dictatorial in their dealings with members they can now point out to the courts to a number of published statements which put the leadership in a relaxed and easy going light not making demands about what their abject followers should do or think.

    This is because the biggest threat to the cushy number they are on is under threat from extremely expensive legal cases over their arrogant handling of paedophilia in the congregations. The point they want to make is, "Its nothing to do with us". However they do have total control over their members, if they did not their authority would decline, JWs would start to think for themselves and the org would fall apart.

    Yet as the lawyers know from the ARC example, what the Org says is not what the JWs will be expected to believe.

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