Ten years out.....

by snare&racket 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • kaik
    In April, it will be 22 years for me!
  • smiddy

    Well done snare , good to here from you ,and I`m sure you have helped many and will continue to do so with this thread.


  • jehobi
    Awesome post bro
  • jookbeard
    great post, well done for getting it off your chest and a good insight for all to see, I was a born in also, and spent a few years of my adult life in the cult, we take these years of being in a cult to our graves there is nothing to stop that, and agree with your point about socialising , I enjoy going out and meeting new people but it just doesn't seem to happen much at all but I also like my own company, but a life of freedom since leaving this toxic, evil group has been worth it.
  • snare&racket

    Good to see the forum going strong. Lots of new names which is also awesome! The little contact I have with JW's now leaves me believing they are really suffering. They all seem so despondent, worn out and disappointed. Too scared to vocalise the obvious doubts in their mind, they blindly march on with their busy, thankless, JW lives. How sad.

    I hope you all find happiness and purpose. Having children is THE purpose of life so pat yourself on the back if you have them, I don't yet and I'm jealous! As for the rest of your life, excitingly, it's up to you to find a purpose. Our years are short and fragile so don't wait too long to decide but also for the same reason, make the most of the blip in time that is our generation....of a generation.....of a generation 🙄

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Thanks for sharing S&R!

  • ToesUp
    Great post. Glad all is going well with you. Yes...life is short and fragile.
  • WingCommander


    So glad to hear from you again. I've been reading your posts from the very beginning, and have always enjoyed them. I agree with a lot of what you wrote.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Good to hear from you, Snare - great OP.

    Your example of going back to education and getting qualified, along with Billy the Ex-Bethelite's, helped me once or twice.

    How is your career in medicine coming along?

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