JW`s Claim Their religion is Based Solely on The Bible.

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  • lastmanstanding

    Imagine, a Gobslobbering Boob agreeing that Watchtology is “beyond” the Bible.

    And I didn’t even have to fabricate that photo, it’s a direct screenshot from the monthly broadcast,

  • dozy

    If it was "based on the bible" , why have there being numerous changes in beliefs & theology over the years , sometimes even flip flopping back to the previous position.

    In fairness , as the bible is often inherently contradictory , it would be impossible to devise a religion that was accurately and consistently based on the scriptures. But the Society has made a total hash of this project , with many JW teachings ( beards , anybody? ) clearly having no scriptural base and some bible teachings that they haven't adopted.

  • pale.emperor
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    • Pioneer

    The pharisees of Jesus day would be proud.

  • HiddenPimo

    What part of the Bible is point 25 from? I don't see any supporting scriptures there?

  • Vidiot
    smiddy3 - "Are the Elders on the Judicial Committees without sin? I don't think so."

    Interesting choice of comparison, considering the GB left that little (supposedly "spurious") passage out of the most recent NWT release.

    Makes you wonder if they privately find the idea of "throwing the first stone" kind of appealing.

  • blondie

    You can tell that they don't always and add to the bible by saying:

    "The Bible doesn't say" but...then proceeds to say something


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