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  • Simon

    Just because there is a law saying you should have privacy doesn't mean you actually have privacy.

    Who had more privacy in those cases?

    The "wise" companies host with those who are capable and reliable. Whatever the laws in place, the threat of the US government "coming to get us" is low on the threat scale IMO. I'd rather the database be hosted with a reputable company with solid procedures to prevent unauthorized access rather than imagining things are secure "just because they are hosted in Canada".

    These 2nd tier hosting companies are just not in the same league as the top tier providers when it comes to processes and procedures. The latter really have thought of everything and go to extreme lengths - the only way a disk leaves a cage at Amazon for instance is through a shredder and no one who has ever worked in billing and support can ever work at data centres and access servers (keeping separation).

  • Simon
    BTW what wysiwyg is this editor? I use Redactor a lot. kinda like this one

    It's called summernote. It's OK but has some quirks and depends on jQuery. I'm looking at alternatives and maybe a markdown option for authoring.

    I know you know this but what makes this forum great is that it's inline. next post, next post, next post. Rather than the bb forums where there's so much nesting. Seems great in theory but I hated it then still hate it.

    Personally, I think most forum software is way too complicated - probably because it's written by software developers who like and understand nesting and hierarchical structures but for most people a simple linear chronological view of a discussion makes more sense.

    One of the biggest changes from the old site to this one is the lack of being able to link to a post (not a thread, but a post).

    You can link to any post but there is no UI for it right now which would make it easier but to be honest, I don't know if it's that worthwhile - you can link to a page with 5 or 10 posts on ... surely enough to reference something for the overwhelming majority of cases.

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