A cracking good JC! This is how it's done, folks.

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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    In this JC the couple accused of apostasy, lay down some inconvenient and incontestable truths about the organization's teachings that leave the elders speechless - as far as them mustering any efforts to refute them.

    Oh and by the way, do you remember what Geoffrey Jackson said at the Australian Royal Commission when he was asked about an inactive JW being called to account if the elders stopped by and find him celebrating the holiday? Don't worry if you've forgotten because the couple mentions it to the elders, you know, seeing as it's the very same reason why they're being accused of apostasy, thus proving Geoffrey Jackson's statements to be false!

    Damn! These elders got a lifetime worth of cognitive dissonance. Remember to be nice to them when they finally visit us here on JWN.


  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    I like how the brother stood up to the elders and firmly told them NOT to do anything that would threaten his family relationships.

    I think by that point the elders were wishing they'd never started that judicial committee. I sure hope they just leave him and his wife alone.

  • Listener

    I doubt they have left them alone because this tape is now 'out there'.

    They don't have any choice but to df if they are following their own instructions. Firstly, the couple admitted to celebrating Xmas and they were not repentant. Secondly, even though they said they have not been talking to any other Bros and sisters, they have been talking to each other. The couple are clear about this when they say they are in agreement with each other.

    It's amazing to see that the elders need more time to think about the situation, it's a clearcut decision but they have been so influenced by Dan and Anna that they can't see this. They are seeing ttatt without realising it.

  • Crazyguy
    They got dfd.
  • shadow
    It was foolish unless the real goal was to prove Jackson a liar. Too much emotion and too little logic. Didn't press elders on any topics. Wife sounded more articulate but hardly got to speak. Why not have the clip of Jackson ready to play?
  • elderINewton

    Well said Shadow.

    I'd add that he should have threatened legal action rather than making trouble. In addition he should have included the watchtowers own documentation on there rebuttal from there arc.

    They should have never admitted anything as well they followed the JW rules and that screws then over. Hostility never works when your dealing with a cult member, they get defensive. I viewed this whole experience as what not too do if you want to maintain family relationships.

    Many other ways to handle this.

  • joe134cd
    Yes I enjoyed their logical reasoning. I would send this recording to the Australian commission to see what they think of it. Also another suggestion perhaps also send it to the up comming UK commision so if Jackson pulls the same stunt again they have got him.
  • Zoos

    I'll have to watch this later.


  • oppostate

    This jc put the elders in a situation where they obviously wanted more time to check upwards in the chain of command.

    But without threatening legal action the elders are held to abide by wt policy or else be found to be negligent in their duty to keep the congregation clean.

    I too feel that less doctrine talk and more legal action may have yielded different results, and avoided being branded as DFed apostates.

  • Kick50r

    From the Watchtower perspective ,the J.C. has ONLY 2 possible outcomes which unfortunately don't include leaving people leaving they lives peacefully

    1 - Person(s) in question still believe whatever they believe at the JC time ( that may change next week as new light comes out)

    2 - Person(s) are D.F. if they insist on whatever contrary ideas they have even if PROVEN true

    The issues were generally well presented , but ofc the "brothers" didn't had a clue/ had heard them before and wanted to delay the D.F.

    Problem is the 3rd option was not available and should.

    If it is an option, avoiding the JC is a right as is just ignoring you ever were a JW and just dismiss it like a BIG MISTAKE we did in the past. I personally think the elders had heard that stuff before but that has to stick to they're minds for a long time I think.

    I think when a Corporation dictates LAWS that interfere with people lives negatively it is in line to lock horns with a Government that will look to tap in that discontent. No need to be wise to see the unevitable .Witch one we wait to see

    All the best for the ones involved

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