Origins of SHOCK AND AWE

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    The majority of the German Soldiers were good. I was speaking with my mom and Aunt (from Norway) and they were telling me about WWII when the Nazi's occupied Norway. My grandfather was a butcher at the time and he worked in a slaughter house. The normal soldiers always let him take meats home, free of charge. But they warned, if the SS came in for an inspection they could do nothing. They would give him Lots of food for his family/friends. Well, one time he was taking a couple of sausages home and the SS did one of their inspections. He had one in his bike and another he stuck inside his shirt. The SS asked one of the German soldiers to check the bike and he came back and said there was nothing in there,(he lied to my gramps wouldn't get killed) and the regular soldiers patted him down and lied about the sausage in his shirt.

    This is just one example, but the SS and normal soldiers were different kinds of people.

  • ThiChi

    You can trace all battle strategies to another Nation. So what? Historically, Hitler studied Alexander the Great’s battle method and applied them to his needs. So the credit goes to Alexander the Great...

    To follow your logic, anything we use from a Tyrant is bad. Hitler built the Volkswagen Beatle, are you appalled that I own Volkswagen? Four of them!

    Hitler’s "People Car" was pure creativity at its best.

    Emotionalism at its best!

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    The relationship between "Shock & Awe" and the "blitzkrieg" is an important detail that becomes more evident when assembled with a collection of other details involving the close relationship between Zionist Agendas and the study of the Nazi War & Propaganda Machine. Why?

    In order to understand and defeat an enemy, you must become intimately familiar with tactics, weaponry, information, philosophies, politics, people, economics and strategy. You can bet your life on the fact that after WWII nobody has peered into every detail surrounding the Rise & Fall of the 3rd Reich, like the survivors of the Holocaust. Can you blame them? If you want to arm yourself and protect yourself in the future and warn others, you have an obligation to perform such investigations and educate mankind. I applaud post-holocaust work of Elie Wiesel, the Massad, B'Nai-Brith, etc. It is quite an education and everyone should have that experience.

    However, is there a possibility that after having studied the strategy and tactics of Hitler, could one find the flaws, improve them and exploit the strategy under a new umbrella and impose a different agenda? I believe so. Since Khazars rule the mass media, print, tv, they can certainly sway public opinion and influence the uninformed. Ariel Sharon has become like a Nazi General in palestine. He conducts himself with barbarity, cruelty, arrogance and is a butcher like the infamous Kappler.

    Zionists in the US/UK conduct themselves like Dr. Goebbels, wielding influence, using coersion to enforce zionist agendas in our governments. I hope one day the US/UK comletely abandon Israel and leave her on her own to deal with the holocaust in palestine.

  • Francois

    chachasmum, how 'bout winning. Do you care about that? And yes, there is always unavoidable civilian death during war. But the coalition forces aren't the cause of that, Saddam is the cause of that. You are being utterly unreasonable and I suspect you know it.

    Let me point out that Eisenhower so admired Hitler's autobahn that when he was president, he copied it here. It's known as the Eisenhower Interstate System. Should we have not copied that because it was Hitler's idea first? You are nothing if not inconsistent.


  • ThiChi

    Utopian Reformist:

    It saddens me that you continue your worthless, paranoid propaganda against Israel. Congress has approved the war on Iraq on two separate occasions. Are all of the members of congress under their control? Then your "Khazars" designation has been debunked with DNA studies that can point to other conclusions.

    Your inferred introduction is absurd. The State of Israel did not even exist when Hitler was in power. The claim that "Jews run everything" does not even merit a reply.

    Your dumbing down the true issues and topics at hand are unfortunate. Can you at least stick to the Topic at hand?

  • qwerty

    The Idea was to get Saddam to Pooh is Pants!


  • Adam

    I heard on NPR that the guy who came up with "Shock and Awe" drew his inspiration from Sun Tsu's "Art of War." But does it matter? If Mengele would have found the cure for cancer, would we not use it? The quicker this war is over, the sooner the poor people of Iraq can begin a new and bright future. If shock and awe is what it takes, so be it.

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist


    One thing is certain. I have been able to avoid descending into personal attacks when challenged or confronted with disagreement. Your comments display a negative sentiment. This is an internet forum. The purpose is interchange, discussion, interaction among other things. The time is brief, therefore I cannot make a 9-5 job out of posting every single resource and every single article to make each point.

    I make a point, I offer some information. Try the BBC link I provided in the other thread about Israel & US/UK. Just as there are hidden degrees of truth in stereotypes, there are hidden facts behind conspiracies. If you watched the Discovery Channel last year, you might have seen an episode recounting the true story behind the FDR administration having advance knowledge of the pearl harbor attack. In order to have a justifiable excuse before congress, the attack warnings were ignored. Documents surfaced later to reveal the insider truth.

    The same occurred in WWI. The british knew U-Boats were operating and understood the german warning about ships carrying munitions, troops or weapons. The Lusitania had several gun mounts which were purposely exposed to provoke a u-boat attack. The passengers and crew had no idea they were bait for provocation to enter the war and help the british. Churchill knew it.

    The USS Maine was docked in Cuba, and the Spanish were purposely blamed for sabotage to obtain more territory and defend the Monroe Doctrine under Roosevelt. The resulting ended Spain's presence in the western hemisphere.

    So, how much Watergate, WhiteWater, Waco, Willy Horton, does it take to convince the stubborn?

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist


    If anything biblical of import does resonate, it must be the description of John the Baptist as the lone voice crying out in the wilderness. He was definitely an early example of whistle-blowing to say the least, if you accept the account as its related. The account may be exaggerated or fiction, but the example is worthy to note.

    I don't know if you were ever a JW. If you were, maybe you visited Bethel at one time. During the 80's & 90's there were always one or two gentlemen outside 25 Columbia Heights and 360 Furman Street holding picket signs and shouting comments about the WTBS. As JW's, we were to consider them apostates, crazy, insane and dangerous. Now I know they may have been telling the sad truth all along.

    If voices do not come forth and publish the hidden treacheries that plague society, we cannot defend ourselves. If people had read Mein Kampf in advance, had studied german economics, the Balfour Declaration, then people would have known a crisis was coming. Today, many sources are speaking out about the insidious relationship the US has with Israel.

    It is not because they worship one God, or use a bokk called the Talmud, or Torah, or light candles. Who cares? Do I care that italians make pasta when italo-american gangsters corrupt my local city hall and council? No. When a group of people unite themselves to accomplish purposes in the same direction to benfit the group, that is an agenda.

    The Gambino family in the 60's & 70's had an agenda to control all sanitation, fishing, exporting and labor in the continental US. They did it for 20 years. Is that an italian agenda? No. It is an organized crime agenda. Jews and pro-jewish supporters muddle the issue by crying anti-semitism and mixing the issues with ethnicity. Therefore, under the jewish way of dealing with issues, it becomes a jewish agenda. I prefer to call it a zionist agenda. Not all jews are zionists, politically active, or pro-israel.

    William Koestler, Benjamin Freedman and several others are good examples of civic minded individuals who exposed dangers from within their communities that outsiders would not have been able to discern. The US government benefited by the testimony of Joseph Valachi in understanding there actually was a secret society hidden in the immigrant italian community and operating a feudal criminal organization.

    I will post an article to help you better understand my position on this matter and remove the diversionary cloak of anti-semitism in this discussion.

  • ThiChi



    Then answer this simple question:

    What does your rambling on about Jews have to do with this topic at hand? You can now rationalize all you want, but the answer is "not a damn thing." and that sir, proves the extraneous nature you go to ; attacking, ad hominem, the Jews.

    I will not, let you get away with your half-truths and lies regarding the Jews. I will continue to rebut your rubbish. No, I am not a Jew, just a person who feels that balance is not stating that "the Jews run everything" and all the crazy conspiracy crap that you pontificate. You give no reasons for your claims, only tired expressions of dislike and non-related events of history.

    You can sure dish it out, but you can’t take it.

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