DISTURBING! Italian TV Reporter Violently Attcked On Live TV While Reporting On African Migrants

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  • freemindfade

    From living in New York City for many years I can tell you diversity is an amazing thing, its the best! there is, however, one caveat. That those cultures coming into a western culture want to share its values. The diversity of cultures is an amazing thing. Deadbeats, criminals, and terrorists are not going to enrich your culture they are going to shit on it.

  • hothabanero

    Thanks for posting. MSM is in total blackout about this to prop up liberal denial of the facts. There is a wave of crime sweeping over Europe bc of the immigrant "crisis". It just goes to show how important it is to have borders.

    BTW. Hundreds of thousands of able-bodied men streaming over ur borders to destabilize society... that does not sound like a "crisis" to me but something else....

  • smiddy

    In this day and age nothing surprises me .

    In that video nobody sees the attacker ?

    And nobody sees the victim Francesca after the alleged attack

    And if the video/cameraman couldnt get that footage he needs to look for another job,he`s obviously incompetent .

    Apparently other news media doesnt pick up on the story ?

    If it is true and not a ratings publicity stunt I hope she is OK and unharmed .

    However I`m sceptical

    Just saying

  • waton

    filmed in the dark, lack of contrast with the subjects? Running for their lives, or integrity, hard to get a stable shot with that.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    The Mexicans never seem to act like these refugee/immigrants and yet they want to spend billions to build a wall to keep them out. At least these baddies are owning up to their press. Build a wall around France for goodness sake! Hey, why not build one around Berlin while you're at it?

  • waton

    Southern Europe does not need a wall, it has the moat aka MED. but guess what?

  • Ruby456

    All I,m getting is journalists attacked by mafia on my news feeds - google conspiracy to keep me out of the loop?

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