Certificate Of Destruction--by request!

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  • careful

    Thanks for the post. A very revealing leak indeed, one perhaps foreshadowing the end of such leaks! I watched the entire thing to get the context and have some observations.

    1. This is some kind of traveling school, for department heads from outside the USA. It looks like a branch overseers school for those under the branch committees. The British (?) accents of the audience members (elders) asking questions show the students are from outside the US. From references made it may have been part of a 3-week school (?).

    2. The speaker is Canadian; he speaks with a Canadian accent but from his comments he serves at the US branch, and its time frame is difficult to ascertain. At one point it sounds like it was before the move to Warwick was completed. At another point it seems like the move was already done.

    3. He early comments regarding how Satan is using the legal branch of society at large to attack the org, and how this is driving inner-org policy in multiple ways. Repeatedly he refers to legal cases, the Legal Department, and so on as the main reason for this whole records issue.

    4. The very use of the word "policy" itself is interesting. Years ago the org would eschew using that word. At some point it has become acceptable—as it should have been along ago.

    5. Note his point about the non-need to think; the org does thinking for you, so you don't have to worry about thinking.

    6. 29:25-33 – "That hand-written note cost us a few hundred thousand dollars." 29:44-45 "The difficulty is that this happened more than once." Wow! No wonder they are so concerned with destroying documents.

    7. Does anyone recognize this instructor? He said he works in a department of just two in NY (whether at Patterson or Warwick is hard to determine), comprised of himself and "Luke." His statement that their department has two expensive scanners, one of which can be checked out is also telling. Surely these scanners can keep a record of just who scans exactly what documents (see point 10 below).

    8. 46:20-47:03. This is interesting. The question came up about whether one should keep something privately in order not to have to do the work already done before, but the record of that work was destroyed due to records management requirements. The instructor answers that yes, you'd have to do that research over again. Could this be a reason some "independently-minded person" (evil!) would violate the org's record destruction procedure?

    9. The he says that if you (the audience members) do try and hide it or squirrel it away somewhere, "we can find it. We have ways and means, but we won't tell you what they are." (47:58-48:09) Big brother is watching! Put the fear of God and disfellowshiping in the branch workers.

    10. Sharing one document electronically (the hidden goal here) instead of people having individual access to multiple hard copies is a good way of checking up on and controlling who is accessing that single copy. Surely one motive of the policy shift portrayed here is to catch moles who have been leaking material to Atlantis. No wonder this is being taught to the branches! Quite a number of leaked docs seen on this forum have been from branches outside the US. This seems to be one of the real reasons for this policy shift—as usual, MORE CONTROL FROM "MOTHER."

  • fastJehu

    @ careful

    Thanks for your summery and your thoughts

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    The data management policy in itself is nothing out of the ordinary....for a law firm or a company afraid of litigation.

    The Borg really is run like a multinational company. It's all about the money, nothing about spirituality or worship.

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