What happened to shunning ?

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  • cookiemaster

    Okay, so...I haven't been to the kingdumb hall since last spring but I like to believe I'm up to date with the JW ways. As most of you have heard many times already, my mother was disfellowshipped (actually they said he disassociated), for accepting blood transfusions in a life or death situation. Right after coming from the hospital the elder said she DA'd. My mother hasn't been to the hall since, hasn't called a single witness, anything.

    Yet, a few weeks ago, an old family friend JW who has doubts visited. Last week another sister (uber fanatic) has called to check on her, even though she's well aware my mother is no longer considered a JW, and now today, an older JW couple from a different congo visited. An elder and his wife no less. Even though they both know my mother is DA'd. Still, they acted pretty friendly and even brought her some small presents. WTF is going on with these people? My mother was never too popular in the congregation and when it's become common knowledge for JWs in the area that she's no longer considered one, she gets four different people check on her in a matter of weeks?

    These latest visitors are quite an unique case too, as the elder's wife has a form of leukemia. They said they wouldn't know what to do in a situation requiring a transfusion and that it should be a matter of personal choice. That nobody can understand how hard it is to go through such a thing. Pretty weird. I was under the impression JWs take shunning seriously.

  • shattered_origins
    Your impression is correct, jdubs take shunning very seriously as a whole. But there are some that choose to take it lightly, I.e. those who continue to communicate with df'd family members and allow grown df'd children to live with them. It sounds like there are a few out there who don't agree with the severity of the punishment. Especially the woman with leukemia. If accepting blood products is a matter of conscience, why isn't whole blood also? To me that's like saying, you can have a mixed drink but not straight liquer or beer. Alcohol is alcohol. Blood is blood. And health issues are none of anyone's goddamn business anyway. If god values life so much, why would a jw want to die unnecessarily? I never understood that, even before my Awakening.
  • eyeuse2badub

    Most dubs shun in public, but if it's some one close to them, many privately ignore the stupid shunning thing and associate in a clandestine manner.

    just saying!


  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    There is a push to reach out to inactive people. people justify not shunning naymore if a bunch of time has passed.

    Nothing but a marketing push to love bomb former members and pull at their heart strings.

  • Flg8ter
    Yip....the "come back" campaign. Still waiting for them to come after me........dreading it.
  • truthseeker100
    The wbts should be ashamed of themselves!! Next to the girl in the Ukrane that thinks I'm cute. LOL
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Still alive and well in my area...counting 28 years and going strong.

    My family is the epitome of a good JW. Jehovah himself will need to come

    down and tell them, stop it that is not loving.

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