When People Ask Questions About Jehovah's Witnesses, I Tell Them The Truth

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  • greven


    Refreshing isn't? I do so too now. It is even more fun when another JW is listening asks a question about it! You can show it right from there own publications. A very good aproach that is working on my relatives...now they are beginning to see the other side of the coin.

    My desire's to get out altogether, but I cannot do this at this moment. Things are happening in my family that is encouraging for me.

    I can relate to this as I am in the same sort of situation. I am inactive and know it is not the truth. However I want to convince my relatives of this as well. And we all know that as soon as you leave the shunning kicks in. Therefore it is better to stay in for a while longer and help others see it too. If this sacrifice of my part has any results at all it is well worth it. A noble aganda and I'm making progress!


  • minimus

    I hope than any that are in our situation will have success in the longrun. If I had no family in the organization, I would have simply left a long time ago. I look at the Witnesses and impartially look at their way of life as well as how they're living their lives, and I often shake my head in disbelief. Most of these people just go thru their lives on automatic pilot. They don't WANT to look or listen to anything that could disrupt their little world.Yet they complain and are disturbed about everything. It's very sad to see people who are genuinely good persons, take this road and refuse to see where they are heading.

  • Sentinel


    You are indeed in a difficult position and I admire you for being able to maintain the "connection" as you do. I did that for a little over ten years. Finally, I just couldn't live that way any longer. It was too hard on me, and really not fair to those who "thought" I felt as they did.

    My feeling is, when it's the right time, a person will know it. As we have all experienced, being labeled and shunned is not the happiest of experiences; but when taken in proper context, we should feel more sorry for them and be glad we are free to be ourselves publicly and privately. Being a JW is so complex, because they have so many rules and regulations, and because the price is so high when you decide to leave.

    Whenever someone brings up JW's and asks my opinion, I suggest to them that they need to research all aspects from every direction about that belief system BEFORE they go to any meetings or begin a free home bible study. I also tell them that I was inside for a very long time and that I speak from experience. There's really not much else we can do. Sometimes by getting into complex conversations and trying to sway someone, the person is actual more curious to find out more by personal involvement, even though I tell them it is a cultish group. I usually have some good web sites available to give them to check into.

    I even had one person ask me if I was one of those "disfellowshipped people", because I was expressing so much displeasure with the religion and was obviously no longer involved with them. Even though I explained that I had just made an adult decision to leave, it frightened them at that point to even be in a conversation with me. They were having the free home bible study and had apparently attended a meeting where it was announced that someone had been disfellowshipped.It doesn't seem to matter whether you are df'd or da'd, they still promote "fear of us" from the platform.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    minimus; thanx for the christian responce.. i learned a little more about you from this thread. i can say that you are doing the right thing. help who you can in your way. we all are different. you have inlightned me on your stance now. be well .....john

  • LoverOfTruth

    I see nothing wrong about telling the truth. Just don't forget to add...may be subject to change (new light)

  • minimus

    That's right! Truth changes.

  • IWasDuped

    "Fading" is soon to become an art. How much do you want a bet it's not long before the "farm boys' catch on and start 'pursuing' people who start to fade. Especially those of us with a long 'regal' history. Asking the all reavealing question, "Do you beleive the GB is the faithful........... etc etc."

    My 'life partner' has said she is going to just say, 'we have become weak and are doing all we can'. I find it hilarious.

  • minimus

    You will either have to lie, I mean use theocratic strategy or tell them that you don't have to answer to them or simply express the truth.

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