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  • flipper

    I've always gotten the old excuses from my JW relatives when they try saying, " Well, even if the promises of the paradise and living forever weren't true- it's still the best way to live ! "

    And I'm like - " no it's not ! " The WT Society steals these people's money, gives them false hopes, prevents them from getting a college education, allows them to die if they need a life saving blood transfusion, doesn't protect their children from roving pedophiles in many congregations who could molest their children, and forces them to spend 90 % of their waking existence marketing the WT Society BS corporate message to the public ! Where in the world is there any time left for personal growth for children ? There is no time allowed for it. These young children become JW robots programmed to walk and /or jump off a cliff for WT Society leaders. It's disgusting

  • mentalclarity

    Yeah born-in here as well and there are alot of things that I have to "unlearn" now as an adult. Ultimately, it was not wanting to raise my kids in the religion that made me leave.

    However, I can think of some positives:

    I went to alot of social events and always had stuff to do with family and other JWs/ I have fond memories of picnics, beach days, camping, theme parks, parties, trips,etc. I do miss that community sometimes and I probably stayed around longer for this reason.

    I learned from a very young age to defend my beliefs (yes, they were totally wrong beliefs) but, in my own personal case, I think it made me a person who doesn't mind being being different. Growing up a JW forced me to be different in all scenarios and I kind of got used to that and learned to be ok with it. I'm very comfortable being the outlier - this would really help when i left the religion.

    I was exposed to people of many different backgrounds/cultures/races. I've met JWs from all around the world of all different kinds of social status. I preached in areas that were extremely poor and I got to see poverty up close. I grew up not taking simple things like "drinking water" for granted.

  • CovertsadJW

    Thanks everyone , I ask as I have 3 kids and they are of ages of understanding - I don’t want any part of the JW teachings as it makes me sick to my stomach - but my wife wants it 100%!- and she will not listen to the other side. I can’t change the past and I know that , and I understand that we all wish we could of changed part of our past. I wish my parents would of presented the “ truth “ to me as an option- like this is what we believe as your parents - but you will develop into your own person , so you can study and read both pros and cons and decide for yourself and we respect your decision. That would be my approach except the believe part. I know as a parent I will always love my kids no matter what path they choose- Hopefully a happy, educated , part of society, and one that does not put too much trust in “ Fairy Tales”

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    "Ships are always safer when they're tied up in the harbor, but that's not what ships are built for"

    Except for the thousands who died needlessly because of the blood issue, some aspects of the lifestyle have been a protection but it's the same protection that one would have had if they were living in an institution or some other altered state of reality.

    In my view, anyone who grew up as a JW has on some level been effected by what's known as "Arrested Development". Like those who use drugs or alcohol to avoid reality, they've all been stunted in some way either socially or economically by hiding behind their beliefs. Sooner or later "reality" wins out and it's at that point that the hard work and often the suffering begins.

  • AverageJoe1

    @Scratch Me

    You can choose to do good things and be a kind, decent person on your own and because you choose to, not because of some paradise on Earth nonsense.

    Here here!

    Positive things? Theocratic Ministry School made me confident when speaking in public; handy for business conferences.

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