Charles Taze Russell divorce/separation original court transcript

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  • carod2000
    Dear how can I get the original divorce transcript from Russell vs Russell separation/divorce ? I only find excerpts from the process:
    wt 1906 07/15éparation_légale_des_époux_Russell
    , books from Edmond Gruss, Duane Magani,
    Joseph F. Zygmunt, Ph.D. thesis, Barbara Harrison and newspaper Brooklyn Eagle News.
    I've already searched on sites such as but I can't find it. Do you have some information about this process ?
    Court of Common Pleas n. 1 of Allegheny County Pennsylvania 
    Maria F. Russell vs. Charles T. Russell n.459 June term 1903 - 1906
    1907 - Appeal
    Pennsylvania Superior Court Report: Review of Russell vs.
    VOL. 37. p.348 - 354
    Argued May 7, 1908-09
    Appeal, No. 202, 

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    My mother knew the story 60 years ago. Not the whitewashed one.

  • yalbmert99
  • Atlantis


    Send me a pm and we will get started on sending you all that stuff. Let me know which books by Duane Magnani, (he wrote several) and which books by Edmond Gruss, (he wrote several also)

    And save me some of that buttered popcorn.


  • vienne

    Divorce records are handled by the Department of Court Records Civil/Family Division. While no on-line indexes or records are available, records may be obtained on site or by correspondence. Older records may be in storage and have to be ordered.

    I've read the transcript. My mom had a copy. It's not what most say, but interesting. Order it from Allegheny County Records as noted above. I do not know what mom paid, but I'm guessing many dollars because of the huge number of pages. You do not want the simple findings record but the transcript. It comes in two parts. The first trial is represented in a paperback book called the Defendant's Paper Book. The second part, much longer, is the appeal record and it is typescript double spaced. About five scattered pages are missing from the original record. But context suggests that nothing earth shaking was on them.

  • vienne

    Department of Court Records, Civil/Family Division

    City-County Building
    414 Grant Street, First Floor
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219-2469

    Phone: 412-350-5729

  • Rocketman123

    I think old Charlie was bouncing little Rosa and when the divorce case occurred he shoved her off to Australia so she couldn't be called to testify.

    Well a religious Pastor /preacher having sexaul improprieties while being married, that never happens !

  • Atlantis

    Please take into consideration that some of the documents or books you want might be copyrighted. So it would be best to do the right thing and "purchase" these items.

    Give the authors or existing copyright owner their compensation for all their hard work. Such as: Joseph F. Zygmunt, Edmond Gruss, Duane Magnani, Barbara Harrison, and so forth.

    I thought you wanted old stuff already released, but couldn't find.


  • vienne

    The transcript has Mrs. Russell saying she did not believe her husband was adulterous. She did not accuse him of adultery with Rose Ball. Miss Ball made her jealous, but apparently there was no adultery. A Watch Tower article from 1909 if I remember correctly has Russell calling her something of a trouble maker. I'm uncertain which issue.

  • Atlantis

    Hi there vienne:

    Yes, I think you have the testimony pretty accurate. Something along those lines anyway. I could scan a paragraph or two for the poster, but if he/she needs the whole she-bang, then those documents need to be purchased.

    Doing it the right way makes the popcorn taste better!


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