Jehovahs Witnesses and Marijuana

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  • Greybeard

    The organization of Jehovah Witnesses will continue to fight against any form of enlightenment just as the governments on this planet do. There is a clear reason this plant has been outlawed world wide. Jehovah Witnesses are very much apart of the conspiracy to keep people in fear and under control. Jehovah Witnesses have always been on the wrong side of this magical awesome healing God given plant so who has been leading them? (Answer at John 8:44, show them at your door!)

    I believe Cannabis is becoming legal because people are uniting who are sick of watching loved ones die when there is a natural cure that grows like a weed. My X-wife Robin Richter died of pharmaceutical overdose. Her new husband at the time grew Cannabis in the mountains of California and claimed to be a Jehovah Witness but clearly Cannabis was forbidden for JW’s. He tried to get her to take it but she would not. He was trying to save her life is what he was trying to do! She separated from him and continued to trust her JW family, doctors and pharmaceutical pills until she overdosed. My mother died of stage 4 cancer and I never had a clue that Cannabis could have helped her. The doctors recommended radiation treatment and when she got out she looked cooked and died a few month after that.

    In a recent Watchtower article they comment on Revelation 22:2 where it says, “The leaves of the tree’s are for the healing of the nations.” They made the statement this was not a literal herb but refers to Jesus as Jesus will heal the nations. (I tried to find that recent study article but couldn’t, if you know what Watchtower it is in please let me know)

    Bottom line, its ok to take poisonous pharmaceutical drugs, radiation, chemo, eat GMO food, junk food, use fossil fuel, use nuclear power and cut down millions of trees for false prophecies while being drunk on wine but whatever you do, don’t take this plant! It’s demonic! Hey, Didn’t Jesus walk and talk with Satan himself? Wasn’t Jesus a physic? Maybe he knew something about psychedelic plants. Something the God Jehovah does not allow! Who did Jesus say the God of the Jews was? (John 8:44)

    Its a cosmic joke people and most all of us have been duped. At a time when the world looks bleak and most people are faint out of fear of what is coming to our inhabited Earth. At a time when it looks as if a new Hitler has taken over the greatest world power what do we see happening?

    California just legalized Cannabis and the world is changing its view of this plant. California has a huge impact on this country and the world. Even though things look bleak this plant has just been legalized in a place on Earth that effects the entire planet.

    Could this be apart of Gods plan? Slow enlightenment? Does the Bible not state that Gods Kingdom grows slowly? Gods Kingdom is in your midst Jesus said. Maybe it is a shift in the thinking of mankind. Maybe it is your third eye opening to the spiritual world you are blind to. Cannabis has helped open up my mind and given me a new hope and way of thinking. For me it is a spiritual thing but you can make it whatever you wish. Alcohol and getting drunk on alcohol is WAY different and profoundly more dangerous then most drugs especially Cannabis. Cannabis is the safest thing out there in my opinion as far as drugs go. Cannabis has helped me stop drinking. Cannabis has helped me get past my fears of questioning my belief system.

    Cannabis can heal you, open your mind and let you see yourself from a different perspective. Yes you might question authority and that is why it is illegal.

    Recently I listened in on a Kingdom Hall talk over the phone in Morro Bay California. The speaker was being sarcastic about “medical marijuana” and going off with his own opinion and how it is demonic and a tool of Satan’s. That is what they do, they demonize everything and then go home and get drunk drinking spirits. Most JW’s, as I recall, drink and use pharmaceutical drugs on a regular basis. Many are on anti-depressant drugs.

    What we have is the blind leading the blind as they line up willingly to be fed poison and reject the life giving plants that were placed on this Earth by the source of all life. The source of all life operates in a different TIME ZONE and uses PLANTS NOT CORRUPTED MAN WRITTEN BOOKS.

    Even though things look bleak in the world right now, A powerful plant like Cannabis being made legal in California surly is a blessing. It will be the beginning of the end for religions like Jehovah Witnesses who worship and obey man as ruler, hide their true history, lies and false prophecies. They claimed to be “The mouthpiece of Jehovah” and if you question the mouth of the Governing Body you are cast out for dead, spiritually stoned by all who obey man.

    Read my lips Governing Body of Jehovah Witnesses. Your days are almost over just like Russell and his predictions, your next. IF you are right about Revelation 22:2 then this PLANT IS JESUS and maybe JESUS is a parable for this PLANT since it was so outlawed. Maybe this plant being free is apart of the “Return of Christ.” (I know thats to heavy for most of you and I don’t know anything, I’m just a little high thats all ;)

    If We are ALL to be ONE with God then we are apart of God or gods as Jesus said at John 10:34-35, “Jesus answered them: “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I said: “You are gods”’?* If he called ‘gods’ those against whom the word of God came—and yet the scripture cannot be nullified— “ (NWT) A scripture rarely quoted by JW’s and most Bible thumpers because they nullified their brains.

    Rant over

    I love you all, Peace out :)

    Greybeard, Cannabis Witness ;)

  • aintenoughwiskey

    I called bethel about it a couple of years back. They said to ask your local elders. I know people who took a couple of hits before meetings. Not a bad idea. Im guessing you would be DF without a medical card.

  • Greybeard

    It's a great idea to take a couple hits before the meeting. It gives you a entirely different perspective. You can actually laugh at the bullshit and not cry. This really is a cosmic joke people and the joke is on us. Maybe like Jesus, WE had our memory erases and were cast down to this Earth to be given another chance. Maybe like Jesus said, we can do the same things he did. Maybe walking on water is a out of body experience. Maybe he was right when he said you can do anything and YOU are gods. Maybe we were the ones cast down into this world but had that memory erased. Maybe we were cast into the world that we messed up. Maybe I'm too high and need to come down a little ;)

    Maybe Jesus was HIGH when he said, "Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you cannot see the Kingdom of God" MAYBE just MAYBE he was talking about THIS PLANT. Many believe that to be the case and we can be like Jesus as he said we could. I don't know anything... I question everything

  • careful

    Well, sounds like the GB will have to make a pronouncement on this one! Does anyone know what has been the WT procedure in countries where it has been recreationally legal for a some time (Uruguay, the Czech Republic) ?

    Loved these comments:

    Getting high probably would make the meetings and conventions go by much quicker.

    Okay, now I'm picturing a California congregation all happily buzzed during the public talk... 

    One bro. I know who quit going years ago once said that he'd ever go back, he'd have to go drugged in order to tolerate the meetings.

    Allowing it may up the meeting attendance, memorial statistics, baptisms, etc. Sounds like a win-win Tony, Sam, Mark, David, Geoffrey, and Gerrit, if you're listening. Better than a "door-step Bible study"?

    Can you imagine Stephen Lett high? Whoah, would that be something!!!

  • DesirousOfChange

    I would guess that smoking it recreationally, even if legal, would not be allowed any more than smoking tobacco (which is also "legal"). And, in fact, JWs may ban any recreational use of pot based on their claim that any "druggery" is "associated with spiritism"

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