Hollywood isn't anti-war,

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  • Sadie5


    This article shows Hollywood's true colors. they're not anti-war, they supported Clinton through military involvement.


  • rmayer32
    they're not anti-war, they supported Clinton through military involvement

    And they would support him now if he or Gore was doing it. The problem with hollywood is they're democrats, which is all find and dandy but there comes a time when partisan politics have to be put aside for the greater good.


  • hillary_step

    Hollywood? Frankly who cares what 'Hollywood' has to say about anything, at least these days? Why should we believe that they have anything of importance to say about such things as Foreign Policy and war? These people are paid far too much to do far too little, many are educated to levels that would embarrass most parents and most of them are crass and vulgar enough to believe their own press with very little persuasion.

    Remember the buffoon, head of one of the largest film studios at the time, who interviewed Rod Steiger a few years ago and asked him if he had acted in films before? When he answered that he had won an Oscar acting in ‘The Heat Of The Night’, this bastion of intelligence grunted, ‘Never heard of it’. This constitutes Hollywood today, greed and superficiality glued immovably to ignorance and lack of class.

    And yes, I have met enough of 'them' to make this assessment, but of course this is only my opinion....lol


  • Nikita

    Well said HS!

  • lauralisa

    Amen Hillary

  • Gopher

    Agreeing here with rmayer and hillary step.

    I think people equate fame with success, and success with intelligence, and thus influence. People with an artistic bent, be they actors or sculptors or whatever, may tend to lean more toward the anti-establishment and anti-wealthy crowd. They simply run in different circles.

    These actors usually are well-spoken and convincing, for communicating (through film and television) is their job. It doesn't mean their opinions are more well-thought-out than the average Joe's opinion, but for some reason people want to hear what they have to say.

    Until they get real pushy like filmmaker Michael Moore did at the Academy Awards presentation (in Hollywood) last Sunday. (But that's another thread....)

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