JWs studying with a neighbor: what should I do?

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Welcome to the forum, John. The advice you've received and used has been very good. Keep us updated on any further developments.

  • john.prestor

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I hope she stops by for coffee, she seems like a kind woman.

    At this point in the research I'm calculating the degree to which Bethelites are exploited by the movement. For instance, if an IT technician could normally be paid 50k outside the movement, and the movement pays them 3600 a year (going off what I think is the most generous salary the movement offers, 300 a month [does anyone have a specific figure and citation or source?] they're paid 3600 a year. Minus the two and the movement saves over 45k by employing them at sub-par wages.

    I was also able to include the secret rulebooks in my papers because of people linking to them on this site. Never knew of them before you guys.

  • Vidiot
    john prestor - "JWs studying with a neighbor: what should I do?"

    Get her a copy of the elders' secret handbook, "Shepherd the Flock of God".


  • Giordano
    "...........but my neighbor seemed genuinely concerned when I said that their organization covers up child molestation (that was the only specific thing I mentioned, I said it was in the news lately) and said she appreciated me coming by and something to the effect of she wouldn't "want to get involved in anything crazy like that."

    I think that you got through to her but if she's the kind of women who will challenge them on this issue she will probably ask for some information that can help her make her point.

    However since there is a connection with one of the JW's she will probably just put off going any further and discourage them from starting a bible study as well as future visits.

    You cared enough to put yourself out there....good job!

  • john.prestor
    Thank you Giordano, it was pretty nerve-racking but I thought, you know what, I'm not letting somebody else suffer through the kinds of things I did as a kid. No matter your age, sexual repression, guilt, and fear are unhealthy and help no one.

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