The transition from Faithful Slave to Governing Body

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  • john.prestor

    What I'm about to describe may have some bearing on the question of motives in the organization and the degree to which the Governing Body or the high-ranking men beneath them are self-aware.

    A few months before the organization began teaching that the Faithful Slave meant the Governing Body and not the 144,000, so around early 2013, a Circuit Overseer visited one of the congregations where I was gathering data. He introduced this teaching subtly in two of his three talks (the extra midweek meeting, the midweek meeting, and the weekend meeting). I wrote down one of these remarks word-for-word and the other I remember well enough to repeat it:

    1. "Jehovah uses Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to direct this preaching work, of course their method of communication has changed, Jehovah still uses Jesus and still uses the Holy Spirit but now he directs that Faithful Slave class as its termed in the scriptures, a group of overseers and they through the Branch offices and traveling overseers and local Elders convey the direction..."

    2. "Jehovah, Jesus, and the Faithful Slave want us to _________..." A minute or two later he said, "Jehovah, Jesus, and the Governing Body want us to _________..."

    What do you make of this? It seems like he's subtly preparing the congregation for the doctrinal shift. It feels intentional, in other words. He doesn't say that the Governing Body is the Faithful Slave, but he implies it very strongly. Perhaps these remarks came from an outline, in which case, perhaps he was only repeating remarks word for word. But I welcome your thoughts.

  • Bobcat

    I think there are other threads on changed WT doctrines that indicate a 'subtle shift' method is used. Sometimes it starts simply by not mentioning the old, to-be-replaced doctrine, so that it sort of recedes out of the memory a bit. Then after a few years of quiet regarding that doctrine, the new idea is slowly fed in.

    I noticed this method with the JW.Org TV thing. Originally the whole internet was spoken against. Slowly the JW.TV idea was brought in as a great idea. Now I hear speakers taking the tone that you are not keeping up if JW.TV is not a part of your life.

    Their methods say a lot about how the GB view the R&F.

  • Finkelstein

    Delusional idiocy

    There are two main elements to what makes up a organized religious cult.

    1. A person how makes grandiose claims that he or a group of people are a channeled spiritual force from a supernatural spiritual deity. ie. GB of the JWS

    2. A group of people who are willing to accept that proclaimed assertion and will be subservient to all that is said by these select individuals and obedient to their directive social controls.

  • Xanthippe

    Yes I remember many times they would slide a new teaching in covertly like this. Then a few months later there would be comments in the Watchtower or by the CO saying "some brothers have not understood that ............. is the correct understanding of (insert scripture here) now! How sad that our dear brothers are refusing such meaty food from the FDS!"

    Then you would be made to feel guilty for not noticing the weird new truth that had been secreted in while you were trying to catch your breath from all the JW commands to do more, more, more.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    The ''faithful and discreet'' slave class was hijacked by the Governing Body to suit them. This was I believe sometime in a WT back in 2013. Up until then the ''faithful'' slave applied to the 144,000 including the Governing Body.

    By hijacking the ''faithful and discreet'' slave parable to suit the Governing Body, it fits their purpose to give a more awe and Divine appearance toward ''them', the GB of course.

    Its all done to fit their agenda, to have a more awe-inspiring motive, toward them.

  • notsurewheretogo

    At the end of the day they will have to change it soon that the FDS class are the GB after a certain period of time has way in 2030 odd can there be 18,000 FDS class members.

    They have to address it...that and 1914...time destroys all cult beliefs that have time prophecies.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS heads (GB) intentionally wanted to downplay the significance of the anointed class when they stated that some these people were said to be mentally delusional, meaning there shouldn't be a growing increase in numbers since 1914.

    Since most of he GB men profess to be anointed that tells a tale in itself.

    All the men who have been presidents or GB members of the WTS. were delusional to their self avowed spirit direction from god the Almighty.

    Did Jehovah choose commercialized lying false Prophets ?

    I dont think so.

  • Bobcat

    With regard to the WT introducing the new F&DS belief (that the GB is it) here is a short clip showing how to introduce new ideas. And here: here is the WT article that presented the new F&DS dogma. Note how the first 2 paragraphs are used to transition the (captive) audience to make them ready for the idea.

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