2021 Service Year Report of Jehovah’s Witnesses Worldwide

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  • Jeffro


    Its reduced by 500 this year

    This is a trivial decrease almost certainly due to some not being able to get on the Zoom memorial. Don’t expect any significant decline in ‘partakers’ any time soon.

  • alanv

    The org dont seem to worry any more about any increase in the number of partakers. They just say its people who are confused or mentally unstable, and its Jehoobah who knows the true figure. lol

  • Jeffro

    Yes, somehow there’s no way to confirm that someone is ‘really’ anointed unless it’s the GB members. 😂

  • BluesBrother

    The figures this year and last year are somewhat academic since covid has stopped their public ministry and “attendance “ means simply having your I pad tuned to the zoom app, whether they are watching or not . I have it on good faith that some turn it on ,with camera and microphone off, then read the Sunday newspaper.

    I know of ones that have been pressured to write one letter a month and the cong will arrange to send it somewhere… another publisher….

    It will be interesting when covid is finally over ,to see who actually turns up for meetings and is prepared to go back out “ on the work”

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Comment has been made about the drop in "anointed" ones, 436 fewer this year. Maybe some of these are among the 25,000+ JW's who have died of Covid so far, considering these will generally be elderly and possibly infirm and vulnerable.

    As regards the return to door to door work, the elders received a letter recently telling them not to accept applications for pioneering from individuals who cannot make the hour requirement when D2D is resumed. No doubt they are seeing the problem outlined by BB above.


  • Jeffro
    It is possible that some who claimed to be ‘anointed’ have died. But it is also quite likely that there are others who claim to be ‘anointed’ in areas that don’t have access to Zoom, particularly in parts of Africa. The Watch Tower Society is quite correct that mental or emotional imbalance may cause ‘some’ to mistakenly think they are ‘anointed’, though the proportion is actually about 100%.

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