Jehovah is unjust (outrageous article on slavery in last WT for public)

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  • Master_Bob

    According to the last paragraph of the article entitled "Escape From Slavery—Then and Now" (WT#2, 2017)

    Jehovah God felt grieved by the harsh treatment of Israelite slaves in Egypt; he must feel the same way about similar injustice today.

    If you call modern slavery "injustice", wasn't the slavery during Moses time also "injustice"? And how else can you call a God sanctioning such slavery if not unjust?

    But according to Organization's crooked logic only Israelites' slavery in Egypt was unjust, as well as modern sex slavery. Sex slavery by Israelites, under Moses' Law, is not considered unjust.
    How utterly gross hypocrisy! This organisation is making me sick.

  • blondie

    The Israelites were allowed to have slaves but the WTS says that was okay because the Law regulated it. Just like polygamy was okay. Or that Gentile and Jewish Christians could have slaves because it was legal under the Romans. The WTS even justified segregation and apartheid in this time period because it was "legal."

    How about this scripture:

    Ex. 21:20,21

    20 “If a man strikes his slave man or his slave girl with a stick and that one dies by his hand, that one must be avenged.+ 21 However, if he survives for one or two days, he is not to be avenged, because he is someone bought with his owner’s money.

  • George One Time
    George One Time

    No freedom after six years for foreign slaves.

    Eye for eye and tooth for tooth was not for slaves either, their master just had to release them.

    Exodus 21 shows the love Jehovah has for slaves

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    blondie:"because the Law regulated it". I knew a sister who told me she attend the meetings when blacks were told to sit in the back, it was the law. I was shocked , not Jehovah's organization. That when I began to have doubts. They are cherry picking when to abide by the law....

  • blondie

    Their reasoning (the WTS) was that they could still do the "preaching" under segegration. But then under Rutherford, jws flooded areas on Sunday to "preach" and all were arrested and filled the jails. They could still have preached without "selling" publications from door to door on Sunday.

  • stuckinarut2

    Slavery in any form , at any time in history is wrong.

    The biblical "approval" of slavery, no matter how it was "regulated" was wrong. Pure and simple!

    So too was the forced taking of women and children for the Isrealites to "use" when they captured nations. Wrong. Pure and Simple!

    No one can try and convince me otherwise.

  • sir82

    Jehovah God felt grieved by the harsh treatment of Israelite slaves in Egypt; he must feel the same way about similar injustice today.

    What an odd statement.

    Jehovah didn't seem to be "grieved" by the slavery codified in the Mosaic Law, nor did he seem "grieved" by Christian slaveholders in the first century.

    Yet another example of the WT cherry-picking the fuzzy-bunny cuddly scriptures and ignoring the ones that make sane, rational, compassionate people recoil in horror.

    To be fair, JWs aren't the only ones who do so.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Ya'll are gonna have to give Jehovah a break -- he's been going through a learning curve. Those unfair practices were all old timey stuff -- the light must be getting brighter for him as well.

    Oh well, I tried.

    Just kidding, of course.

  • sparrowdown

    Sounds a bit like " JWs abhor child abuse."

    ......shit WT "abhors" but tolerates if Jehovah allowed it and regulated it.



    Child abuse


    Man/Child sacrifice (Isaac)





  • jwleaks

    Read the article carefully and note the OP above. The subject was not slavery but only the "harsh treatment" of slaves. Then in typical Watchtower fashion the bait-and-switch takes place and the subject is now injustice.

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