If they're just going to emulate Jimmy Swaggart and the like (e.g.: JW Broadcasting), why do they need such a massive compound in Warwick?

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  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane


    They're obviously getting rid of the rags, drastically reducing printing of books in general, eliminating special pioneers, etc., etc.. ... What could they possibly need a 1.6 million square feet compound for (not including outside space) in the middle of nowhere?

    Just to put things into perspective, 1.6 million square feet is equal to the square footage of roughly twelve (12) Costco warehouse clubs. WTF? I don't think they really thought this through and are now deeply regretting it.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    i know--its where theyre all going to live after armageddon
  • tim3l0rd

    They are supposed to be creating two or more museums for JWs to visit. One is specifically for the Bible and the other is for JW history. They have smaller versions currently at Brooklyn, but my understanding is that they will be much larger at Warwick.

    Do we know how much sq ft they have at Brooklyn now? They do have a lot of offices and conference rooms in Brooklyn now.

  • carla
    jw's like to do things differently as you know, they are working backwards. Most televangelist work their way up, gaining followers and taking the money, often for extravagant lifestyles. The wt on the otherhand is hedging its bets and taking the money from the members who will be leaving them at some point so they will have their extravagant building anyway. Might be nearly empty but the gb will sit in their delusional tower running things,browbeating the diehards while they wait for the big A.
  • Vidiot

    It's their Ark, their future planetary capital, and their Masada...

    ...all in one.

    With Armageddon Just around the corner/ imminent / shortly / soon .....etc why dont they just wait the the Big A then they can have the entire Pentagon compound and all of Washington !
  • NewYork44M
    I remember hearing a talk many years ago that assembly halls will be resurrection sites. Perhaps the goon heads (er.. I mean governing body) think this will be the focal point of post Armageddon resurrections.
  • Incognito
    While CA posted 12 photos of one Costco store, is anyone able to post photos of the actual Warwick buildings being constructed?
  • LevelThePlayingField
    Going back to the OP, you're right, what would they need like 12 Costco's worth of space for anyways? To print WT & Awakes and some tracts and some basic book? OK, that's maybe two buildings. What about the other 10?
  • sir82

    Equal parts ego and delusion.

    They will be rulers of the entire earth "very soon now", so why not get in some practice on how to live in a palace?

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