Do You Hope Donald Trump Makes Jestures Of Mending USA With Russia Relationships?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    SBF, 3 minutes ago
    If he succeeds simply in not bringing about the end of civilisation I'll settle for that.

    I'm starting to like him, and could see why the Russians would try to turn the election in his favor without collusion with Trump before hand. Hilary's anti Russian stance would get in the way of bringing about better relations with Russia she too indoctrinated by government propaganda against such a thing happening.

    It would be great for two great ideologies about how to run a government could kind of Yin and Yang it with each other show off some accomplishments and learn from one another and not locked into mortal conflicts just by giving in a little to each others views of the world (walk a mile in my shoes type of understanding before you criticize and abuse type of action).

    Once you got the shoe on the other foot so to speak or with more understanding ending long time feuds with more understanding of the other side.

    Once I know enough about my enemy to defeat him is also the moment I truly love him or something like that, I forget how it goes.

  • Labate

    I would certainly like to see better relations with Russia, but fear that Trump isn't in the same league as Putin, and will end up getting duped into deals that put the US at a disadvantage.

    Trump has never had to deal with anyone who isn't afraid of him, and doesn't care about his money or his lawyers.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I agree Trump may make more concessions due being new to the presidency I'm thinking everything could be more 50/50 near the end of his term, a good give and take situation that eventually works equally well for both parties should be the goal of these talks where reasonableness predominates stripped of who's going to be macho man.

    I'm tending towards this being a totally good thing that has rewards for both the US and Russia, as we enter the next decade with the hatchet buried as a history lesson about clashes between the two ideologies.

    I'm hopeful I think the time has come with technology ever increasing for these guys to show us the way into the 21st century.

  • Fisherman

    I detect a good chemistry between DT and VP and it appears that relations between US and them should improve greatly. It also seems that cooperation with a purpose is what they both want. It does appear to me that they like each other.

  • waton
    about clashes between the two ideologies.
    FM:There are no more two ideologies. Communism according to Marx Lenin is gone. Trump and Putin are both on the same nationalistic, "keep the white race, "christian" values alive" wavelength. Trump voters and Russian traditionalist are of the same cloth. and

    I wish they find that common interest and stop the internal aggressions in Europe to the Urals that has cost perhaps 100 Million casualties and would cost more if it comes to a Nato/ Russia clash.

  • waton

    The only thing that stands between an empire stretching from Kaliningrad (Koenigsberg) to El Paso TX is --- ta da:-- Trudeau's Canada--

    Alaska was once part of Russia and could be the link to that great land mass ~ 19 time zones.

  • possum
  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    So long as Putin continues to annex Chrimea, drop bombs on rebels fighting against Assad, interfere with our elections, and murder his political opponents - I'm not really sure the US should start mending relations with Russia.

    Putin needs to start changing his bad behavior first.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Malignant presidency

  • tor1500


    It's all poli'tricks. Politics not a good word, if used in a work environment, office politics, play the game to get what you want. Politics aka: get them before they get you.

    Since I was a child Russia has always been the big bad wolf ready to destroy. Every politician has been trying to have a relationship with Russia because the US knows they ain't no joke. But I work in corporate America, don't believe folks when they say they don't like this one or that one. Most of the time their so called enemies, they are dining with them or yachting or playing golf (which is how all major world, politics and business decisions are made right on the golf course) with them, so we can't always believe what we are told.

    So now Trump and Putin are talking, ain't that what we want. Ah, I know it's what we want but not how we want it done.

    Anyway, Trump wants a wall built for Mexico and the other wall is down, so is Mexico our new big bad wolf? Well at least the kids won't have to hide under the desk like we were told way back when.

    Trump is our fireside president, just like FDR. I just like watching him talk, he real. He is full of himself but that's confidence. Like it or not.

    Trump is in. All the reporting and exposing and criticism. He is the president like it or not. Who elected him??????


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