Losing My Religion - None of the Above Now Top!

by Simon 11 Replies latest social current

  • LoveUniHateExams

    And yeah, it's a bit misleading as "protestant" is split into 3 separate groups - also, it's a bit worrying that 'Evangelical Protestant' is much higher and growing faster than 'Vanilla Protestant.'

    Still, it's pretty good that 'No Religion' is thriving in the US.

    It's also thriving in western countries generally.

  • Bugbear


    Yes you are quite right about ”western countries generally”, especially Scandinavian Countries and the Netherlands. For us it is quite funny to hear all of those “running for presidency” absolutely and obligatory must declare that “they have a faith in God” and especially that they are “true Christian”. (Bush, Trump and more). The habit of swearing an oath with your hands on the Bible in court and other places…..This is truly double standard… "the American way"

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