Unconditional Love

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  • bigboi


    I tend to agree with your assessment of the situation. How can you show unconditional love without accepting whomever wants to avail themselves of your mercy? Anything less than doing that would be conditional. i guess that's why the WTS prefers translate it undeserved kindnes. Slick aren't they.



    [i]"..... anyone who ignores everyday reality in order to live up to an ideal will soon discover he had been taught how to destroy himself, not how to preserve himself." The Prince. Niccolo Machiavelli[i/]

  • Introspection

    Bigboi, I don't think the churches or any other religious organization is responsible for the individual's conduct. Showing unconditional love doesn't mean you condone immoral behavior, but it seems to me it's just about the inherent value of a human being. You don't provide infinite affection for the individual regardless of horrendous acts. A parent doesn't belittle a child's self worth just because of some bad conduct, but they can communicate to the child that certain conduct are frowned upon. (love the child, hate the conduct) Of course, as adults we're not going to be subject to disciplinary action such as being grounded or something. (though in extreme cases there is the police) It seems to me it's about self-discipline. If a religious organization has power in it's moral teachings, it should be able to touch people to the point that they are able to adhere to a standard of morality without the threat of some type of excommunication. I don't think unconditional love is about spending all your energy on someone who continually perpetrates some kind of immorality. It's like those who have lost their loved ones at the hands of a murderer, yet they are able to wish them well, that they'll find peace. I guess you don't forgive the crime because of it's nature, but you forgive the person because of your view of human nature and potential..

    Here's a thought: If you believe in love unconditionally, you cannot believe in that which contradicts what that type of love stands for. Therefore, you cannot love conduct which is unloving in nature..

  • Stephanus

    If anyone on this board is an expert on unconditional love, it'd be Fred Hall's Mummy - can you imagine trying to raise that little %@, only to have him still at home and single in his mid 50s??? So, FHM, tell us all about it!

  • TR


    but where do you draw the difference between showing unconditional love and being too permissive in matters of conduct?

    Good question. I think that if someone's behavior or actions are destructive, you have to limit association with them. However, there doesn't have to be a total cutting off of dialogue. Sometimes tough love is needed to set someone straight. If they are humble enough, they will see the errors of their ways.

    For example; the son who keeps asking for money and he keeps blowing it instead of paying bills. The parent, who probably has been too coddling to begin with, should cut of the monetary help, so the dumbass spoiled little bastard will learn a lesson. But it doesn't mean a cutting off of kind words or association. Hopefully the spoiled brat will mature.

    Or, the son has a drug problem. He's dangerous to have around the younger siblings because his drug-induced behavior is unpredictable. It would be wise to not associate with himm until he gets help. A parent or a friend can help this person, talk to him, point him in the right direction, but not give up on him by refusing to talk to him, unless his behavior becomes dangerous.

    It just seems the right thing to do to help someone as much as possible with out spoon feeding them. In the case of JW's it's different because beliefs are involved. A person doesn't have to actually have done anything morally or ethically wrong to be shunned. Sad.


  • JW72

    I don't need love from JW's, family or not.
    I have plenty of non-JW's who can give me the love I need to support me.
    Anyway, there's no such thing as 'love' from a JW.


  • TMS

    The prodigal son illustration/parable is the only answer.

    But what's a parent to do if his son/daughter doesn't fit the regular pioneer/ministerial servant/bethel/gilead mold???

    Reject them as unfit failures!


  • bajarama


    I love the pic of the guy with his head up his gazoo (spellcheck please)! I was wondering, where do you get your porn from? Please let me know.


  • TR


    the head in the butt guy I got in an email from someone. I don't do porn.


  • bajarama


    I'm glad to hear it! I was worried just what you were into. I thought I might have to go to the Elders.


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