What urged YOU to join the cult?

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  • Skeptic
    lol sorry now you asked????

    Xena, I enjoyed your post. As you are well aware, I like learning about how you think and where you come from.

    Richard, who thinks Xena is no longer a "fluff" poster

  • happysunshine

    Thanks for the insight all. What did you think about The Massacre doctrine at the early stage?


    I had some unusual experiences and figured the Witnesses could help, so I sought out a bible study.

    What are you talking about (if its not too personal)?

  • nowisee

    i was born into it and didn't have a choice.

    my father i am told, was a pacifist. in the 30's he was attending meetings of various pacifist organizations and when he came in contact with jws he was ripe.

    my mother was converted by my father before they got married. oh those raging hormones.

    i have often felt over the years that jws attract people with various and sundry problems: they are neurotic, they are afraid to die, they are socially inept yet find acceptance at kh, they want simple ready made answers to all of life's problems, they want to put responsibility on others for their own actions. these observations, of course, would not apply to everyone, but they seemed to be common among the people i knew.


    Well an inactive sister (1976) thought it may help me out.

    For me, it was more or less, a means to help me stave off my particular leanings.

    I thought it would help me eliminate my gay orientation.

    Didn't work! But I did completely immerse myself in the 'truth', and did my utmost to make it work. But one can only live a lie for so long, and something, somewhere has to give.

    Besides, the ability at that time (late 70s) to convince me, someone who had no real biblical knowledge or upbringing, it didn't take much to impress me. Plus, the JWs whom I originally studied with were (then) quite nice, all smiles, and had the ability to charm.

    Very important when you are a wayward teen searching for a listening ear and attention.

  • Skeptic
    What are you talking about (if its not too personal)?

    Several months ago, I would have no problem talking about it on this site. Now I fear it being quoted out of context several months or years from now. Some have repeatedly misapplied a survey that I posted on this site in early 2002. Since this is still continuing, I am leery of posting the "unusual experiences" that I had. God knows what they would do with that information. I have been too open about my life.

    I am willing to share those experiences in private, and have with a few close friends.


  • gydja

    Thanks guys for your responses!!

    It means alot to me.

    What maybe scares me the most, is that if the JW´s catch people at a vulnerable state, they will take advantage of it. They hunt for the weak.

    Also that they give you some promises, like give you "proof" that you will regain lost loved ones. That´s just crazy.

    Thanx, guys...keep up the good work,


  • unclebruce

    OUTLAW you're a bloody larikin!!!!! ROTFL

    (sounds like our parents was related lol)



    Cautionary Note for any of Jehovah's kidies:

    whips and canes are no short cut to paradise. they're to be used strictly for pain and not pleasure!


    Hey Skeptic,

    Interesting thoughts. I graple with the same problem. If I post real stories some folk call me a liar and stuff and don't apologise when I prove them wrong. (the nature of the beasts i guess) So, I hesitate to post much more about my personal life .. ooo that reminds me, I better go scrub my ugly bonce out of profiles before minimouse complains again lol.

    You aren't the only one who feels that way. I know several who have real inside information that could damage the Black Tower but refuse to post it for fear of ridicule and the lack of respect they'll encounter here and in other places.

    cheers, unclebruce


    Well, I was married to an alcoholic. That's a good reason to join the jws LOL. Seriously, I always thought about god, even as a little girl. The idea of going to heaven never made sense or appealed to me. I loved the idea of family unity, hospitality and knowing more about the scriptures, and also living a life god would approve of. My mother became a JW several years earlier than me, and I guess in a way I always trusted her and her intuitions. She had some influence over me but it was my decision ultimately to becoming a JW.

    I was in a terrible marriage, emotionally I was a mess and I felt fearful for mine and my kids future. When I studied and it caused huge problems with my hubby, of course the jws told me it was all because satan was putting pressure on me to stop studying etc and that jehovah would allow the persecution as it would make me strong and prove my loyalty to him.

    At that point in my life nothing was happy, positive, trust worthy, worthwhile or enjoyable.............except for the love the jws were showing me, the interest they showed me and my kids, and of course the scriptures that suck all of us in...........paradise earth, no more wickedness,crying, death etc.

    My hubby committed adultery and I was free...........well, free from him. I had not yet worked out I had become a slave to the WTS.

    The rest is history.............baptised, married a jw bro. (the best thing about being in the borg), kid sexually abused, I got df'd for talking, got reinstated, saw the light and left..................with my entire family. Happy ending.

    In short, the happy, happy, joy, joy from the scriptures, the fake demonstration of love, the short lived interest of others, the self-righteousness you're told to feel good about, the attention I got from all the bros. when I first came in, the hope of living forever...........................that's what urged me. NOW I know better.

  • Skeptic

    Thanks, unclebruce, but I was only answering a direct question. You are very well respected here. I have been told that I need to be more like you in my posting style.

    So, tell us, unclebruce. What urged you to join the cult?


  • unclebruce

    Well Richard,

    My mother and father became JW's when I was a little kid. My parents are/were real characters. Mum was raised in privelidged surroundings, spent some time on the stage and can still "do the splits" at 70 years of age lol. Dad was a dirt poor country boy (and a founding member of SA's famous "underwater explorers club" amoungst other things)

    Mum wanted God to forgive her for the death of my older brother and Dad just wanted to make some sense of the bible. .. so when the JW's came knocking a free home bible study was started.

    Arthur Thorn was a wonderful man. A dignified Englishman (schooled at Oxford) He 'studied' the old orange "Paradise Lost" book with with us for 5 years then we voted (Arthur believed in democracy) to study the new Truth Book.(it was a close run thing that vote .. some of the thicker of my five sisters wanted to study the Paradise book again! lol)

    By 8 years of age I was a true believer and started getting cained at school (for not saluting the flag, singing xmas carols and stuff)

    At 10 I started witnessing from door to door on my own. (special pioneers and missionaries were tough bastards lol)

    At 11 I gave my first talk in the Theocratic Ministry School.

    At 15 (1972) I got baptised, left school and started in full time service (regular pioneer)

    At 22 I fell in love and married a sweet soft spoken English girl

    At 24 and 25 I recieved two lovely daughters.

    At 29 I walked away from 'the truth' (but i'm still looking back

    I have few regrets about my JW life (what'd be the point?) besides, I'd never have met this mad ex-jw community if i hadn't been dragged through the soul grinder.

    I guess i blame my parents for being dumb enough to fall for the cult seduction. One of my zomby sisters just send my eldest daughter (Amy) the latest (softcover) Watchtower book. I had a scim through it and saw that they're still using the old 'carrot and stick' method to attact the great (needy) crowd - only it's sleazier than ever.

    cheers, unclebruce (hope this didn't put you to sleep

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