What's Your Favourite War Movie???

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  • Brummie

    Top Secret..a spoof but the best.

    There was also one with Robin Williams in where he played a jewish guy who would try and encourage the Jews during WW11. cant remember what its called but it was very good.

    Then theres Schindlers list....Excellent but too sad


  • VeniceIT

    HEHEHHEHE TOP SECRET!!!! whohooo ohh deff the best!!!!

    Haven't see that movie in ages, luved it though!!! ohh man we used to quote from that soo much ehehe Val Kilmer was Brilliant in that movie!!!!

    Neek Rrrivers hehhee, ok I'll stop don't get me started on that movie.

    'Well let me know if his condition changes, thank you doctor", 'he's dead'!!!


  • seawolf

    Das Boot

  • Brummie

    haha I'm glad I'm not the oly one who knows the entire script!

    "Why are you always in such a bloody rush?"

    "Out of seaweed and snot"

    "I know a little german...he's zitting over zer"

    "I'm albert potatoe"

    too much


  • stichione

    Saving Private Ryan

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    Stalag 17. Best line: "Just because the Germans are dumb doesn't make them stupid"

    Tora - Tora - Tora: "You want proof were under attack, ..Listen to this".

    Iron Chef: Battle Octopus. "Fukuisan...The Iron Chef is rolling the live octopus in cornmeal"

    Iron Chef: Battle Stingray.--- Female Taster "Oh. It becomes masculine in my mouth".

    (Ok the last two don't qualify as war movies, but they are battles")

  • joannadandy

    Dr. Strangelove

    The Last Emperor

    The Muppet Caper

    Saving Private Ryan

  • SheilaM
    Enemy At The Gates, about the epic battle for Stalingrad.

    Loved this one but forgot to add it, Anthony (my son) made me watch it over n over

    There isn't one you all named I don't like LOL

  • rmayer32

    For me this is a toss up between In Harms Way, as well as The Deer Hunter. Both classics in my book.


  • unclebruce

    Dogs of war

    Lawrence of Arabia.

    heeey .. how come i'm always last! uncle freak'n fred killa stikes again!

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