Five members of Jehovah's Witness congregations across Pennsylvania charged with sexual abuse of children

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    Thank you for posting this.

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    ......and they just keep on coming.

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    From the first link in the opening post...

    Victim advocacy group Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) said the organization itself needed to be held accountable.
    "Officials within the faith that knew of this abuse did nothing. To me that’s complicit. And being complicit in crimes like these is sometimes as equal to the crime itself," said SNAP Communications Manager Mike McDonnell.

    Amen to that. The Watchtower Organization is complicit in these crimes - because of it's child sexual abuse policies, including failure to report CSA to authorities - and definitely needs to be held accountable.

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    Shocking accounts… I find this strange in the Matos case, the girl was 15:

    The elders noted that Matos'sconduct indicated there was a romantic interest, and that they would approve of it fi certain conditions were met. Those conditions required the presence of a chaperone and the commitmentto eventually marry. J.R. described this as "normal" within the community despite the age difference “


    Either the elders were complete numpties or there is something off with that statement. The Society has disapproved of and warned against teenage dating and courtship for as long as I remember ( even though we still did it on the quiet) . For the elders to sanction this they we’re going against “theocratic instruction “

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    Elders are not trained in any field by the WTS, they are trained to follow the organization's views and teachings. They may be completely unprepared to deal with an issue that comes before them, because they frequently have no grounding in the ethical and practical considerations involved in these cases. Thus, they may take actions and make decisions that would shock anyone in a relevant field.

    The WTS puts the lives and safety of people in the hands of men who are not prepared to deal with some of the issues they face, but are expected to do so while rejecting any outside help. And they are not obligated to recuse themselves, thus leading to decisions where a man is allowed to maintain a relationship with a teenager as long as he promises to marry her when she comes of age. Because I can't think of any other explanation for such a deranged decision.

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    was a new boy

    Raped by his priest at 13, Speaker of the House Mark Rozzi announces that upon returning to session on Feb. 21, the Pennsylvania House plans to adopt session rules and immediately pass legislation to provide justice to survivors of childhood sexual assault.

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