Are You Enjoying living in Jesus Christ`s Paradise after 40 years of his reign ?

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  • smiddy3

    It has been 40 years since 1975 when 6000 years of human creation took place according to WT Theology,when Jesus Christ was supposedly to begin his 1000 year reign in which Earth was supposed to be turned back to an Eden like paradise.

    1975 was the second attempt of the WT to predict when 6000 years of human creation took place,the first time it was supposed to have occurred was in 1872 .

    So by that reckoning we should be living 40 years into Jesus Christ`s 1000 reign .

    On the other hand WT Theology states that Jesus returned in 1914 to do what ? sit at his Fathers right hand until 1975 ?

    Of course this all hinges on Jehovah`s Witnesses / Watchtower belief that a creative day was 7000 years long that they taught for decades .

    Do they still cling to this belief ? or is it one that they don`t talk about anymore hoping no one will bring it up ?

    If I remember correctly they did at one stage state a creative day only referred to God`s plan for humans to inhabit the Earth.

    In other words they conceded that the Universe could be millions of years old including the earth .

    E.G. Gen.1:1 " In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" which could be millions of years ago,then from verse 2 onward it relates only to his plan for inhabiting the earth as a home for humans.

    Day one, 7000 years on,day 2, 7000 years on ......and so on.

    When WT put the blame back on the R&F for going ahead of Jehovah`s chariot in expecting JC to begin his reign then they ignored the fact that they taught the 7000 creative day ,6000 years of humans under Satan`s influence and as they said it would be an appropriate time for Jesus Christ to begin his 1000 year reign so that after 7000 years JC could hand everything back to Jehovah in perfection.

    Comments ?

  • Overrated

    Why Yes! The world is going great. Covid seems to be under control, stocks are ok. Jehovah Witness numbers are decreasing, the world seems to keeps turning.

  • waton

    s3, you are playing loose with the numbers, just like wt. it is 46 years. That means I could have lived more than half of my life in paradise, had that calculation had any merit, or basis. but, we have been had.

    wt said over 50 years ago: "--it would be appropriate if in 1975 the millenium would start-- " the deity obviously did not agree. it was one of wt's inappropriate pronouncements.

    Jesus does not wear his wt triara yet, ruling over 1) the kingdom of the love of the son Col 1:13, 2) the kingdom of 1914, and 3) the millenium. no reason to panic though,

    wt predicts now, that 2 centenarians being contemporaries for ~20 years, starting at ~20 years old, like F.Franz was in 1914, will bring the crucial generation,the time for the middle tier of the tiara, to

    2075.what is a 1 and 2 zeros and a one between friends?

  • alanv

    They no longer say that each creative day was 7000 years long. like every other failed announcement they simply change it, and the sheep meekly follow.

  • forzaitalia

    wouda, coulda, shoulda

  • Phizzy

    The 1975 nonsense had gone right to the recesses of my memory !

    What a load of old nonsense that was, I still remember listening to Fred Franz talk about it a few years before, he said, " We are not saying that 1975 blah blah blah", then with a laugh, he proceeded to put in the minds of most J.W's that it was correct.

    One guy in a nearby Congregation sold his property business and Pioneered. He would be a millionaire today if he had not done that. He stopped being an active J.W shortly after '75.

    Strangely it had little effect upon my own Congregation, we all seemed to take it with a whole sack of Salt, not just a pinch. A number of us, myself included, started paying in to a Pension scheme, that we could not collect for another 40 years ! I am glad we did !

    A major "Fail" by the J.W Org, that really ruined a lot of lives, and hyet is forgotten not just by me, but most of today's active J.W's

  • zachias

    The wt says he came and is here. The wt also goes on about how bad the world is. Are they saying jesus is a lousy manager?

  • smiddy3

    Well if Jesus Christ is with us since 1914 like the WT / JW says and he started his 1,000 year rule, like the organization said was probable in 1975, after 6000 years of human history as the WT/JW claimed ,then what is the only conclusion you can come up with ? ? ?

  • BluesBrother

    7000 years creative day? .... that is long gone from J W teaching. The last comment I saw in a “ Creation article “ was to the effect that ‘ we don’t know the length of creative days but it is evident that considerable periods of time were involved ‘

    As for 1975? They try to forget that , try and deny they ever led people astray and the younger ones believe them

    A more relevant question that does use current teaching is to ask “ After 107 years of Christ’s supposed presence , sitting at God’s right hand, Why is this old system still with us?

    That is IF the 1914 date were correct...

  • nowwhat?

    I don't know about you guys but I'm here at my hillside chalet playing with my tiger. Oops gotta go time for my meds!

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