In Case You Have Ears to Hear... But Have Not Yet Heard...

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    I always appreciate it when I read so many clear statements by Jesus which refute WT doctrine. :) WT doctrine is spun out of air.

    Thanks, AGuest (and goldmorning). :)


  • artful

    AGuest: Thank you for taking the time to put togther this information. I am currently assembling a similar commentary, and very much enjoyed reading your expressions. I paticularily appreciated your point regarding those who were 'alien residents' with the nation of Israel who ALL ate the manna, drank from the rock-mass, celebrated the Passover, were under the Law Covenant, etc. The scriptures in Numbers and Exodus, and 1 Corinthians certainly illustrate that those with them ate the manna, celebrated the Passover, were under law, etc. This information was very helpful to me, as a JW had recently suggested to me that the 'alien residents' were not under the law covenant (supporting the idea that the 'great crowd' are not under the NC) and these scriptures certainly help to prove otherwise!

    Thank you for pointing out the scripture in Matthew 23:13. It really provides a very powerful parallel to the WTS! And I enjoyed your point that: "There is no 'authority' by which ANY man can 'shut up the kingdom', for there is only ONE 'door'... and ONE 'doorkeeper'"


  • nowisee

    i have been away for several days and on a very tight i have only just now had a chance to read this thread....nothing to add but gratitude.

    im so happy and grateful for all of the wonderful information pointing to the Master. im also grateful for the questions, because greater clarity is the usual result. speaking for myself, as a Christian baby, seeing the faith of aguest, gold_morning, artful, dj, loris and others, and being provided with scriptural foundation is invaluable and so wonderful.

    may the Lord continue to be with you.

    your sister, nowisee

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    What up, Shelby?

    I didn’t read your posts (sorry—they make me dizzy). I just wanted to say “hey”.

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