The Borg going out of biz or a ruze, a time line.

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  • Crazyguy

    Some other things to consider that some of you also have mentioned. On Mike and Kim s YouTube channel they mention how many have contacted them as to quiting the Borg since November 2014. They have nearly 200 on their coffin lid and they have a small subscription numbers. Who knows how many have left compared to the small numbers that have contacted Mike and Kim.

    Also the Pew poll of 2015 shows that the JW's income in the USA is near 30k per household per year, that's below the poverty line for this country. So it also looks like their bleeding members like crazy and no one has any money to donate.

  • Magnum

    Half banana, great list. I agree with it all.

    The only thing I can think of to add is:

    9) The overall feel of JWdom has changed. It's dumbed down and watered down. The seeming scholarship and seriousness and boldness of times past are gone.

    10) The GB have been overexposed. The mystery is gone. It can now be readily observed that they are just seven pudgy old men who are no more special than the butcher in the local meat market.

  • pepperheart
    How many JWs would stil be around if there was no shunning.Its ok saying oh look at us we can fill huge halls around the world but if the people are only there because of the fear of shunning then they wont be puting money inthe box and no money in the box =cash flow crisis

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