Two Good Things About the French

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  • Preston

    And nobody mentioned how they supported us in wining the American Revolution. I guess we're all too patriotic to consider that important....

    Now french fries...that's important!

  • GentlyFeral

    3. Rimbaud

  • hillary_step
    Hey hillary_step,pickin on Neil Diamond?..LOL!.. I liked his early stuff

    lol...Yes, I get a little defensive over Joni Mitchell's work and how it is treated. Pure genius with more attempted copyists than she deserves. I didn't know that Neil Diamond was driving the Outlaw trail these days. What is he like at it?

    Best regards - HS

  • hillary_step
    Best thing about France...............Monet

    And we all know, Monet makes the world go round.... HS


    Hey hillary_step,I haven`t listened to any of his Outlaw trail stuff,LOL!..I can`t blame you for coming to the defence of Joni Mitchell,I do like her..Right now with my satillite dish I`m able to listen to so many types of music it`s incredible.A smogasboard for anyone who truley loves music..For me right now it`s blues from the 30`s and 40`s right till todays new artists.Classical,some chamber music.Old rock,New rap,Soul from the 70`s and 80`s and or anyone who has a new idea or flavour..I especially like good vocalists with a bluesy/gospel/rock flavor to their voice,although I do like other styles like Enya..Decent guitar players are still hard to find,I should check and see what Chris Rea has been up to lately..I could go on and on,but my post would turn into a novel,LOL!..Good to hear from you,my best to you and the Mrs...OUTLAW

  • hillary_step


    You sound as if you have found the New World, with all that music, fresh air, stunning scenery and willing

    I caught Pat Metheny in Seattle a few months ago. I have seen him perfom a number of times, but he just gets better and better. Truly memerising performance. He seems to have a telepathic contact with Lyle Mays. I came home and spat on my

    A couple of guitarists that imho have never recieved the grace that they deserve are Franco Mussida who plays with PFM and Terry Smith a UK jazz/rock guitarist who is almost impossible to find on 'track' but is still raising Cain in his live performances. I will send you a couple of pieces later. Are you on cable/broadband?

    Best regards - HS

    PS - Metatron, sorry to hijack the thread. I will disappear now!

  • ashitaka

    Another good thing: Audrey Tatou

    So cute. God bless the french.


    Hey hillary_step,I am on a phone line,what ever that means..My sound is down on the computer and I am going to have to wait till one of my techi friends fix`s it..Yes,I would love to hear those pieces..Stay in touch bud...OUTLAW Hey Metatron,I too will now disappear.....OUTLAW

  • Francois

    Hillary my friend, there is no point in our engaging in further discussion regarding the Frency. Our subjective opinions are virtually diametrically opposed, and therefore not likely to find agreement. All of which is in support of my contention that it's all a matter of taste in the first place.


  • MoeJoJoJo

    french kissing ain't bad neither

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