2024-06-June-S-147-English-Announcements And Reminders!

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    Daffy Duck Strikes again!

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    a watcher

    What are the wives going to do for the other 7 hours?

  • RonPOMO

    I shared the US branch versions in English and Spanish on Reddit and Twitter.

    Interesting that the info about Google Maps reviews is not included in the US Branch edition.



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    raymond frantz

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  • ukpimo

    I have no connections with Bethel, but my educated guess assumes that the August edition of the Watchtower has been delayed because the Governing Body haven't decided on how to manage these areas:

    How to shepherd and appoint brothers based on the removal of the hour requirements, getting to know the brothers instead (does this mean prioritising appointing men who have auxiliary pioneered during the CO visit and campaigns or men who are regular pioneers?)

    How to handle disfellowshippings and reinstatements in light of the new direction from the GB update, as well as further emphasis about the personal invitation and simple greeting JWs can give DFd individuals at the Hall.

    Admittedly, the Governing Body have made too many changes about various things in such a short space of time. This has no doubt increased their workload, which they continue to ignore as a potential burnout for many of the high ups in the Organization.

    If the Governing Body make more changes this year, especially if a significant one occurs in the June 2024 GB update, I'll feel so sad for all the zealous PIMIs, trying to keep up with the "chariot" when in fact they're running in a hamster wheel.

    Too many changes in one year is how I view this year for JWs, if the GB keep up their act and it carries on a few more years, we will see many more burn out and leave. I somehow wonder if they'll go so far as to change everything to be closer to a mainstream religion like the LDS church, 2 cults who enjoy copying eachother.

  • Atlantis

    There is hot coffee and Carrot Cake in the breakroom for everybody!


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    June 2024 Announcement #4:

    "August 2024 Study Edition of The Watchtower: Production of the August 2024 study edition of The Watchtower has been delayed. As a result, congregations are likely to receive their shipments of printed copies of the September 2024 and October 2024 issues of TheWatchtower before the August 2024 issue..."

    Wait...what??? The September & October 2024 Watchtower Study Mags are going to be produced & made available before the August 2024 Watchtower Study magazine.

    Isn't that like putting the cart before the horse or simply...putting things in the wrong order?

    Only in Watchtower World can a publishing company get things soo out of whack!

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