Another major historical JW lie!

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  • Crazyguy2

    Remember when we were younger we would read in their books or even see a drama on how Jerusalem was surrounded by Romans armies in 66 CE then one night they were just gone. Jewish rebels even chased them killing many as they left. This I guessed fulfilled a prophecy in Mathew and then the true followers of Jesus would see this a know to flee to the mountains as the unfaithful stayed in Jerusalem thinking all was well and the Romans were gone for good until 4 years later they returned destroyed the city killing most of the inhabitants including unfaithful Christians that didn’t heed the warning.

    Well folks this didn’t happen! The Romans didn’t surround the city in 66 in-fact that’s the year the Jews went in to a major rebellion. A Roman leader dispatched his armies from the north from Syria to try and stop the rebellion was rebuffed and lost many men including siege engines and equipment but they the Romans never even came close to reaching Jerusalem.

    This is another major Historical event the JWs have lied about! Of course we all know about 607 when Nebuchadnezzar wasn’t even king until 605. So add this to your list of lies.

  • waton

    well, on the way to jerusalem the army with it's equipment must have tried. on it's way south to pass that place Megiddo, a scary place to be for anyone that is mentioned or reads wt material.

    dont take stories seriously, particularly in bound volumes that also mentioning talking snakes.

  • Finally Left
    Finally Left

    Oh my. I didn’t know that. I was just looking up some info on the subject. I don’t know why I am surprised! Thanks for sharing. I don’t know why I would discuss this with anyone but if I did it is good to have correct info. They make stuff up and preach it like the gospel.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Perhaps this will help clarify the historical record.

    The Roman forces retreated from JERUSALEM in 66 CE but then returned to JUDEA the following year in April 67 CE, destroying towns and people, before finally tackling Jerusalem in 70 CE.

    So Christians in JUDEA in 66 CE only had a few short months in which to get out of Judea. Those in Jerusalem would have risked their lives by delaying their escape in 66 CE..–Roman_War

  • Vidiot

    I actually suspect that a lot of them were simply errors made by the WTS's amateur theologians during its freshman and sophomore decades because they came to flawed conclusions based on incomplete information (and a metric shit-ton of bias)...

    ...and because they also had convinced themselves that they were "God's Earthly Organization", they assumed they were right and that the historical record would ultimately vindicate them.

    They only became "lies" later, when more in-depth research and new evidence indicated that they were wrong, and they propagated said errors to avoid embarrassment.

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