Abuse victim's mother burst into Kingdom Hall, publicly accusing him of being a paedophile...

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  • Darth FayDehr
    Darth FayDehr

    one of their mothers burst into the Jehovah's Witness church in Swansea and publicly accused him of being a paedophile only to receive a letter from solicitors warning her not to harass

    Judge Geraint Walters...described Collins as a "devious, arrogant and self-righteous man" who had lived behind veil of respectability partly through his contact with the Jehovah's Witness church

    Full story: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/devious-righteous-christian-raped-two-15274172

  • _Morpheus

    Normally i detest ignorant asshats who storm KH’s for their own selfish ends... this aint that. I applaud a mother doing whatever she has to do to draw attention to this pedo. She also deserved the warning to cease, but hopefully she got the message accross.

  • Diogenesister
    Referring the mum of one of the victims accusing Collins in church, he said that one would like to think that institutions would treat such allegations differently today.

    Huh! Poor judge obviously hasn't been keeping up with the response of Watchtower in other cases of CSA.

    I'm wondering if this is the case of Karen who sometimes appears on "Watchtower in Focus", I know her case was going to court in Wales. Maybe @John Free Knows?

  • Darth FayDehr
    Darth FayDehr

    Diogenesister, you highlight the need for our communal tanacity in publishing Watchtower's practices as much as we can; judges and those in authority do not see Watchtower's abuses sufficiently.

    As regards Karen, her story in her own words: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/im-relieved-everybody-now-knows-7357125

  • sparrowdown

    He even looks like a pos.

  • Simon

    Unless she goes to the police and makes a formal complaint, this is an accusation only and should be treated as such. Make the accusation where it matters. A KH isn't it.

    Edited now I clicked the link: Seems he was convicted so have at it ... if he doesn't like being harassed then boo-hoo - if he lived under my system he wouldn't be ... he'd have been executed.

  • sparrowdown

    Well, he won't need to worry about her harassing him now he'll be kept safe from harassing mothers in prison.

  • vienne

    I'm not unsympathetic. If someone touched one of my daughters I would take matters into my own hands - some. But this is ineffective. A response shouldn't just be anger. It should be effective. It should hurt in meaningful ways.

  • steve2

    Unless she goes to the police and makes a formal complaint, this is an accusation only and should be treated as such. Make the accusation where it matters. A KH isn't it.

    I agree. On the other hand, if she has been conditioned into believing the elders are tasked with investigating the allegations and they don't, I can understand her rage - allegation of abuse or not.

    It is still surprising that, for unknown numbers of JWs - and I guess others in high control groups - they genuinely don't automatically think: "This needs to be reported to the police who have the authority to investigate allegations."

  • caves

    I'm afraid if someone touched my child I would probably be in jail and plead temporary insanity, because there is no telling what I would do.

    It makes my brain hurt to think that someone would have ripped the innocence right out of my child.

    I was so protective of my son that even when I was still in the borg this cocky elder tried to spank my son for crying. "?" We were near the door because my son was crying like kids do.I literally shoved the elder out of the door and put my hands around his neck during the meeting. Two other elders pulled me off. I got no reprimand from this, ironically.

    Dont F%^# with my child!!! ...... Deep breaths, grrr

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