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    Iraq Air War Begins

    Turkey Grants Overflight Rights
    Iraq Air War Begins
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    March 21 (Day 80, Strength): The air war in Iraq began tonight with an awesome bombardment of Baghdad that set selected buildings ablaze. In the first attack on Baghdad 320 Tomahwak cruise missiles were fired from Navy ships in the Gulf and the Red Sea. The missiles were followed by precision bombs. In addition, targets were struck north of Baghdad around Karkuk, Monsul, and Tikrit, Saddam Hussein's hometown. The air attacks began tonight about 9:00 PM local time. The air war is to continue in order to convince Iraqi forces to surrender.

    In other developments, US Marines captured the strategic port of Umm Qasr. US forces seized the airfields known as H-2 and H-3 in far western Iraq. The airfields are strategically important and will prevent missile attacks on Israel. Eight British and four US soldiers died in a CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter crash, about 9 miles south of the Iraqi border town of Umm Qasr. Two US Marines were killed in combat. And Iraq's entire 51st Infantry Division of about 8,000 soldiers with about 200 tanks surrendered as coalition forces advanced toward Basra in southern Iraq.

    US Casualties
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    Two US Marines were killed today, and four Marines died in a CH-46 helicopter crash. The first combat casualty was a Marine from Camp Pendleton, California. The pilot of the helicopter that crashed was Capt. Ryan Beaupre, 30, of St. Anne, Illinois. Ryan is Irish for little king. He was 30, for a priest. The family priest held a memorial Mass for him today. Crash victims from Maine were Maj. Jay Thomas Aubin, 36, of Winslow, Maine, and Cpl. Brian Matthew Kennedy, 25, who lives in Texas but whose mother lives in Port Clyde, Maine. The fourth victim was Staff Sgt. Kendall Damon Watersbey, 29, from Baltimore, Maryland.

    Turkey Grants Overflight Rights
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    Turkey finally agreed to allow US overflights today but not without making US officials furious. US war planes first had to make U-turns in mid air and fly around Israel and south of the Negev to strike Iraq. Turkey was demanding that the US grant permission for Turkey troops to enter Iraq in exchange for the overflight rights. Even after Turkey granted the overflight rights, it proceeded to send more troops into northern Iraq without US permission.

    Turkey is in the region of Benjamin in Asia, which represents the spoils of victory. Turkey obviously wants to pick up on the spoils of victory in Iraq. This latest round of acting like a turkey will probably end Turkey's standing with Bush, who has a short fuse. Turkey's refusal to allow staging of US ground troops for an Iraq invasion, complicated the US invasion of Iraq. Instead of a three column attack, it turned into a two-column advance, which represents a witness, as in court.

    Dow Best Week Since 1982
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    The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 8.36 percent,, the best week since October 1982, where 82 is for a breakpoint in history. Today, the Dow rose up 234.95, or 2.84 percent, to close at 8,521.55. The numbers mean:

      234.95 - Division of the land (34); hero (95).
      8,521.55 - Eye or spy (85); Providential Preventative Suffering (21); grace blessing in suffering (55).
    Elephant, 3-21-03, 1815 GMT, PSC Elephant, 3-21-03, 2215 GMT, NOAA

    One tornado was reported in the USA. It was in Alma, Georgia at 31 N., for an evil king, and 82 W., for a breakpoint in history. There were at least 88 hail and 5 wind damage reports. The hail stretched from Georgia to the Great Lakes.

    The scene on the weather map portrayed a weather elephant off the eastern USA with a trunk that passed through Florida. A shadow of an elephant or snail stretched from the Great Lakes to Texas and Louisiana. A whirlwind was over the Great Lakes. An elephant was also over the Pacific northwest. An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal..


    A tornado hit Alma, Georgia at 31 N., for an evil king, and 82 W., for a breakpoint in history. Saddam Hussein is an evil king. The awesome air war began today in Iraq. It was a display of power on Day 80, for strength. The bombing today was the most awesome demonstration of military prowess in history. It may not have been in the directive will of God, but it was certainly in His Sovereign Design. The bombing in Baghdad began at 9:00 PM local at precisely the time the tail of the elephant on the weather map swept through Titusville, Florida and brought thunderstorms. The heavy booms of thunder in Florida corresponded to the bombs exploding in Baghdad. Florida, in Zebulun, is responsible for air and sea defense of the Client Nation.

    Significant advances in the Iraq War were made today, but the first allied casualties also occurred. It was March 21st, which represents Providential Preventative Suffering. Two Marines were killed in combat and 4 died in a CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter crash. The number, 46, stands for pregnancy, which corresponds to the beginning of a project. The US military has now begun the project of taking over Iraq. A total of twelve died in the helicopter crash, where 12 is for authority. The whole subject of the Iraq War has been a colossal abuse of authority. Who is really guilty of war crimes, Bush or Hussein? Hussein didn't start the war. However, God has permitted it. The deaths of the soldiers today, however, was the authority of God, who alone determines the time, manner, and place of death.

    Turkey continued to mess up US war plans when it refused to allow overflights after planes were already in the air. Turkey finally agreed to allow the overflights after making US officials furious. Turkey is in the region of Benjamin, for the spoils of victory, and it threatens to try to pick up on the spoils of victory of Iraq. A weather elephant was over the Pacific northwest, which is the region of Benjamin. There was also a weather elephant over Turkey today. An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

    A shadow of an elephant or snail on the weather map stretched from the Great Lakes to Texas and Louisiana. A snail represents the path of a criminal. A whirlwind was over the Great Lakes. A whirlwind represents the judgment of those who reap what they sow in the permissive will of God. "They sow to the wind and reap the whirlwind" (Hosea 8:7). The Great Lakes are in the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace. Texas is the home state of President Bush, who contends he started the Iraq War for peace, which corresponds to disarming Saddam Hussein. Louisiana represents Simeon Criminality.

    Regarding the meaning of the shadow, a shadow is cast when an object blocks the light. Thus, a shadow may be an indicator of the reality, but it is not the reality. Shadow testing can confuse believers as it did Jonah when the Castor Oil plant represented the shadow and not the reality (Jonah 4:6-11). The advance from March 21st to March 23rd corresponds to going through the valley of the shadow of death (Psalm 23:4). However, the shadow is not the reality. The shadow will be exposed by the light, and then the full meaning of this shadow will be apparent. One of the meanings was the taking of POW's (Prisoners of War) today as thousands of Iraqis surrendered. Those who surrendered were merely shadows of soldiers. After they surrendered, the laws of military criminal justice applied to them.

    The Dow had the best week since October 1982, where 82 is for a breakpoint in history. It was the best week in 20 years, where 20 stands for the external gates of the military. Every generation must defend its freedom. A generation is about 20 years. The US military is fighting for freedom today in Iraq.

    Bible Doctrine

    This is Bible Doctrine. The strength of the US air war was displayed on Day 80, for strength. The bombing of Baghdad was synchronized by the weather angels with the trunk of the elephant moving through Titusville, Florida. Florida is associated with air and sea defense. Both Navy cruise missiles and aircraft were used in today's air assault. The first casualties of the War occurred today, March 21st, for Providential Preventative Suffering. The advance to Baghdad is associated with going through the valley of the shadow (March 21st - 23rd).


    Author: Larry Wood
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