Is There Any Jehovah’s Witness News You Want To Share?

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  • FedUpJW

    keep social distancing, make grocery run for elderly...

    Well at least now they have a letter giving them permission from and the governing body's direction to ignore anyone they feel isn't compliant enough. As far as grocery runs for the elderly...why would they do that now in "tough" times when they couldn't lift their little fingers to do it when things were easy. G.D. hypocrites!

  • ReinventedTwice

    It appears that JWD has served its purpose and most of the posters have moved on with their lives.. . . . not a bad thing

  • LongHairGal


    When that elder stopped by and said he was ‘sorry’ for believing BS that somebody told him about you, what were you supposed to do??...Just forget about it? Witnesses never feel accountable for anything that goes on there, whether this ‘wrong’ was done by one person or on a congregational level!

    We are in a crisis now and the ‘world is ending’ but you’re not really going to see JWs becoming interested in you. And I don’t believe it’s because of the quarantine. People are only interested in themselves and their families.

    If Witnesses lived near you they’d probably be looking for something and who needs that? I don’t want them bothering me.

  • minimus

    This site continues to serve a purpose. New people regularly view this site. Friends have been made here and we meet new people all the time. For anyone curious about whether JWs tell the truth, this site will let them discuss it.

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