Seattle "autonomous zone"

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  • mikeflood

    It's wrong that thing in Seattle where protesters established an ' autonomous zone ' . Police shouldn't have police - free zones.

    The left is taking some risks here....Russian Revolution implemented more than a hundred years ago the so called Soviets or "Councils of Workmen's and Soldier's Deputies". What are they gonna do when 'autonomous zones ' pop elsewhere?


  • Biahi

    I’m a leftist, but this is wrong, support good police doing their jobs. In addition, my United States needs national health care for all citizens.

  • MeanMrMustard

    Within 4 days the leaders of CHAZ have 1) come up with the most ridiculous name, 2) established a commune with no police, 3) erected walls, border walls, you know... to keep those on the other side out, 4) exhausted all food, 5) begged for more food and appropriate vegan substitutes, 6) started to shake down local businesses, 7) established a new “police” force, 8) obtained rule by “warlord” rapper, 9) began checking everyone at the border of CHAZ for ideological purity, and 10) fully implement stop-and-frisk for anyone that “looks unusual”.

    Riiiight. #UtopiaIsOnlyADayAway

    @Biahi: this is par for the course when it comes to leftism

  • Finkelstein

    I think the protests should have been about human rights matter /HRM rather than BLM.

    Protests toward police brutality against private citizens, who they are supposed to serve and protect.

    If George Floyd was a white man, would there be protests like what we've seen in the last few weeks ?

  • LongHairGal


    If this shit pops up elsewhere - then force is going to have to be used at some point.

    This is being avoided up until now. A lot of restraint is being shown!..But, it may reach a point where there is nothing left to do to protect the rest of the population from this chaos.. If local politicians will NOT act then the president should step in and do what he has to do (and I sure wish he would) regardless of what anybody thinks. He probably would not care if he got re-elected or not!

  • LV101

    This is more horror by the left to keep President Trump from being re-elected. They will stop at nothing and destroy every business possible, scorch the country - whatever it takes to attain their power agenda. They could care less about BLM but will use whatever means possible against the President and his base. Left wants all this division.

  • mikeflood

    They changed their's no longer is CHOP.....and yes, it keeps going on.

    Another thing...don't look anymore for the brand ' Aunt Jemima '..... it is going to be discontinued, you know, is ' political incorrect ', why they just don't put my Grandma over there?

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    It's becoming very interesting in there right now. Not only do you have Antifa and BLM and Warlord Raz fighting amongst each other.

    Today some Proud Boys (alternative-to-the-right/white-supremacy-leftists) showed up and beat some guy in the head with a pipe.

    Cops aren't showing up so now you have black-supremacy-leftists, anarchist-leftists, and white-supremacy-leftists fighting each other and the cops are just letting them.

    It sounds like a ton of these extremists are organizing and descending into the area to pick a fight.

  • MeanMrMustard

    A new transcript has been leaked from Project Veritas, detailing the process the leadership went through to adopt a new name. The dialog below took place between the new Warlord and the crowd:

    WARLORD: "Hey Ya'll! We need a new name. Nobody is taking us seriously. CHAZ sounds gay.... err.. I mean the 'happy' gay. Yeah, the 'happy' kind, and because we are so happy, we aren't seen as serious. We need to be serious."

    CROWD: "Yeah! Serious! (some general mumbling about non-vegan substitutes in the background)"

    WARLORD: "So, we need a new name. Something serious. I got it. How about 'Capital Region Assertive Protest'? We are assertive! We are a protest, not a riot.

    CROWD: (mumbles)

    LONE CROWD MEMBER: "Sir... ummm... maybe this isn't the right image either? Just a thought... ummm"

    CROWD: (shuuuhes)

    WARLORD: "This is a little hard. Who thought of CHAZ anyway?"

    CROWD MEMBER: "It was Greg from Accounting."

    WARLORD: "Greg, yeah, that makes sense. That dude is super gay, err I mean, happy. OK, so maybe that wasn't good either."

    GREG FROM ACCOUNTING: "I'm right here. And I'm sooo sorry if I caused everyone so much trouble. I guess I'll just stay out of it from now on."

    WARLORD: "Come on, Greg. We need you."

    GREG FROM ACCOUNTING: "Yeah, whatevvs."

    WARLORD: "Look, we have a lot of shakedoooo... errr.. I mean local contributions to the cause, and that money needs to be tracked."

    GREG FROM ACCOUNTING: "Sure, sure. Assholes. How about 'Capital Uncontrolled Neutral Territory'?"

    CROWD: (mumbles)

    WARLORD: "Damn, that sounds pretty good."

    LONE CROWD MEMBER: "Sir... ummm..."

    CROWD: (shuuushes)

    WARLORD: "I can make some serious raps from that name. That doesn't sound good to you?"

    CROWD: (mumbles)

    WARLORD: "I guess we won't go with that either. Something that really portrays peace like: 'Capital Hill Oppressed Proletariat'.

    CROWD MEMBER: "Maybe 'Organized People' instead?"

    CROWD MEMBER: "Or 'Proletariat'.. right comrade!?"

    WARLORD: "I get it. I'm with yah, something more neutral though. Which is why I liked Neutral Territory. Damn good name. But how about 'Organized Protest'. Yeah, we are going to go out and tell everyone we are peaceful. Come to CHOP for Utopia".

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Now there's been multiple separate shootings, at least 2 people dead at least 2 wounded and a teenage boy wounded. There are reports of more wounded but they aren't being brought to hospitals. Multiple rapes have been reported. 911 is not responding.

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