When you were still a JW, or if you still are what was one of those wild or crazy thoughts that went though your mind

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  • Tameria2001

    Before I left the organization, I remember having this thought go through my mind, it was not something that I dwelled on too much. I was thinking of an interesting way I could get away with something, especially with my anal JW relatives, my brother-in-law was the worst. I didn't have this idea pop in my head until after I had moved into a duplex, and then it went off like a light bulb. It was this, I had this thought of living in a duplex, but both sides of the home. One side would be for when the JWs came over, and have the appearance of what you would see in any typical JW's home. While on the other side, with a door that would connect the two sides, but a hidden doorway. The other side would be for all the "worldly" desires, you know things like Halloween, Christmas, video games, questionable movies, research on the Watchtower, and so on.

  • Biahi

    I had a fantasy that I was adopted, and when my "real" parents found out that I was getting no Christmas, birthdays or other holidays and all the other weird shit that goes with being a JW child, my "real" parents would come and take me back, they would apologize to me and say they gave me up because they were just too young.

  • Diogenesister

    [email protected] 2001 you've probably just perfectly described Serena Williams apartment complex or some other rich JW hypocrite. One sumptous side with a 50 inch TV surround sound and a giant Bang and Olufson speaker system to play the latest R rated movies and Slash metal albums LoL and an outide Jacuzzi with drinks on tap and a lifesize model of DaVinci's David. Tasteful nudes by Annie Leiboweitz on the coffee table together with The complete works of Oscar Wilde.The other side would be all rainbow colour Watchtower books in cabinets a framed photo of the kids with Caleb and Sophia cut-outs and not much else. A spotlessly clean, sterile, culture free zone.

    Top idea though!!

    Sadly my fantasies usually involved excruciating pain and not giving away the names of the elders under torture.With something about a cruel prison guard determining to convert because of the impressive faith of a martyred witness girl, as she's tossed in a mass grave.

  • Solzhenitsyn

    A crazy THOUGHT to:

    ...wire up the sound and TV system at every KH in the world in such a way that couldn't be disconnected by anyone and in the middle of the memorial play a thought provoking power point presentation including Geoffrey Jackson saying under oath at the Australian Commission "it would be presumptuous to say we are the only true religion..."

    ...mail to every JW household in our region copies of the child abuse documents including perps info I accidentally kept on my computer before stepping down.

    ...wake each GB member up at 2am and tell them, "too bad there aren't 2 witnesses here to testify to what I'm about to do....."

    ...redirect jw.org to jwfacts.com

  • Vidiot
    Tameria2001 - "When you were still a JW... what was one of those wild or crazy thoughts that went though your mind?"

    That, at its core, the WTS was a generally benign organization.

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